BP acrylonitrile unit will not be overhauled

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BP acrylonitrile plant will not be overhauled

a source from BP said that the company did not plan to shut down and overhaul two acrylonitrile plants in the United States in 2002. In addition to the high nickel line, the company has a plant with a capacity of 1 billion pounds per year in green lake, Texas and 397 million pounds per year in Lima, Ohio. Sources said that the company may shut down and overhaul a relatively small acrylonitrile unit in Cologne, Germany, sometime in the third quarter. However, he also said that before starting the screw extraction equipment (which may be attached to the gearbox), Cologne still has a larger set of equipment, and the laboratory personnel often have to operate the patrol or test working device around the site, which will run last year. At present, the specific capacity of the two units is not clear, only the total capacity is 245000 tons/face (540 million pounds/year)

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