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A series of big data and artificial intelligence activities were held in "China smart Valley" on December 2 (Hao Xiaoming). This is not only a top event of big data and artificial intelligence in China, but also a brainstorming and colorful carnival for the development of big data and artificial intelligence. From December 1 to December 2, the finals of the 6th 2018 CCF big data and computing intelligence competition (CCF BDCI), Hunnan Carnival series activities and 2018 China big data and Computing Intelligence Summit Forum were held in Hunnan District, Shenyang (Shenyang high tech Zone), the "China smart Valley"

in recent years, China's big data industry ecosystem has become increasingly perfect, and the vertical development of industrial chains such as big data technology, trading, open sharing and industrial big data has gradually extended. The "data economy" has ushered in a "golden age". At the same time, the development of big data in China is also faced with the challenges of lagging technological innovation, deep industrial application, insufficient entry of GB/t16491 (1) 996 and lack of talents. In this context, the CCF competition attracted nearly 20000 players at home and abroad. Among them, 45 teams and more than 150 players participated in the Finals held in Shenyang around various competitions. All kinds of works reflect high technical solution ability and industrial application value

do not compete for competition, but to improve the ability to solve practical problems according to different needs. Ni Guangnan, academician of the Chinese Academy of engineering and researcher of the Institute of computing of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, said at the forum that the technical solutions that stand out in this competition can not only solve the current social needs related to big data and artificial intelligence, but also meet the actual requirements of enterprises in many industries, which means that our competition is getting closer to the requirements of society and enterprises, and the level of players in the competition is getting higher and higher, It represents the actual business level of China's development in this industry. Players who also participate in the competition can also go abroad and win the Turing Award in the future. Mei Hong, academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and vice president of Beijing University of technology, published a report entitled "new stage of big data and informatization" at the forum, sharing the development and future development prospects of big data since China's reform and opening up

it is worth mentioning that the competition was held in Shenyang · China smart Valley, which played a positive role in promoting the gathering of high-end talents in Shenyang high tech Zone, helping the construction of "Shenyang · China smart Valley" and the development of "five zones and four clusters". Li Jun, head of Shenyang Hunnan district and director of the Management Committee of Shenyang high tech Zone, said in his speech that as the core area of national high tech Zone, National Independent Innovation Demonstration Zone, national innovation and entrepreneurship demonstration base and Shenyang area of Liaoning Free Trade Zone, Hunnan district has a prominent position in the overall revitalization and all-round revitalization of Shenyang and undertakes the important task of developing strategic emerging industries in Shenyang. The sixth CCF big data and intelligent computing competition was held in the high tech Zone, It will play a positive role in stimulating the innovation and entrepreneurship atmosphere in Hunnan District, promoting the development of big data emerging strategic industries and the construction of "China smart Valley"

it is reported that the competition topics of this competition are all from the actual needs and actual data of enterprises related to big data and artificial intelligence, such as communication, it, finance, e-commerce and transportation. The competition is guided by cutting-edge technological innovation and breakthroughs in industrial application problems, aiming to promote industrial technology upgrading and industrial application innovation, and find and cultivate a large number of high-quality talents for the society. The technological breakthroughs presented in the finals will also be open to the outside world to a certain extent, so as to promote the communication, exchange and collision of Shenyang big data industry, condense the upstream and downstream forces of the industrial chain, and attract talents and scientific and technological achievements in the frontier information field at home and abroad to settle in Shenyang high tech Zone

CCF BDCI competition was founded by the big data expert committee of China Computer Society in 2013. It is one of the most influential activities in the field of big data and artificial intelligence in China. The competition is guided by the Teaching Steering Committee of computer major in Colleges and universities of the Ministry of education, Shenyang municipal government, sponsored by China computer society, and jointly undertaken by Hunnan District People's Government of Shenyang, CCF big data expert committee and other units

Science and Technology Guangzhou, December 2 (correspondent Hua Xuan of Ye Qing) on the 2nd, the 271st China Engineering Science and Technology Forum of Chinese Academy of engineering was held in South China University of technology. Academician Chen zuoling, vice president of the Chinese Academy of engineering, academician Chen Yong of the Chinese Academy of engineering, academician Gao Song, academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and President of South China University of technology, academician of the Chinese Academy of engineering and Professor Chen Kefu of South China University of technology and other 19 Academicians gathered to discuss China's "high-value utilization technology of biomass resources in the field of light industry"

biomass resources are the main source of raw materials for key industries such as papermaking, food, leather, fermentation and daily chemicals. Academician Chen zuoling believes that light industry plays an important role in the national economy, and the demand for industry development and the constraints of resources and environment have become the main contradiction. Biomass resources as its main source of raw materials, its high-value utilization technology has become a common key technology for the transformation, upgrading and innovative development of the industry, and it is also the key to improve the profit margin of the traditional light industry

"at present, China's forestry can collect about 1.2 billion tons of waste resources, and agriculture can collect about 900 million tons of waste resources. If we fully realize the resource utilization of these wastes, it is equivalent to 500 million tons of standard coal." Academician Chen Kefu pointed out in the report of the conference that, however, there are still some problems in the resource utilization of agricultural and forestry wastes in China. For example, the blending fermentation of straw and feces can spread diseases through animal feces. At present, more than 200 human and animal diseases have been confirmed in the world; Odor is emitted in the process of fertilizer making, resulting in water pollution and air pollution; Straw returning to the field is difficult to degrade in the short term, and the original insect eggs returning to the field leads to the continuous continuation of diseases and pests in the soil

in addition, in the material products of agricultural and forestry wastes, the aging resistance of the products is poor; The post-processing is difficult, the application field is limited, and the market supply chain is affected; The level of process technology and special equipment still needs to be improved

in July 2017, the State Council issued the implementation plan for banning the entry of foreign garbage and promoting the reform of solid waste import management system; In December of the same year, the Ministry of environmental protection issued the regulations on the administration of environmental protection of imported waste paper, requiring that by the end of 2019, the import of waste paper and paperboard that can be replaced by domestic resources should be gradually stopped, the recycling of domestic waste paper and paperboard should be improved, and then the required experimental curves and experimental report rates should be output and printed. Therefore, academician Chen Kefu specially pointed out that more than 65% of the pulp raw materials for the production of paper and paperboard in China depend on waste paper and waste paperboard, and about 63 million tons are needed every year, including more than 23 million tons of imported waste paper pulping. Due to the significant reduction in the import of waste paper, the domestic recycling of waste paper is also gradually decreasing. Making pulp from agricultural and forestry waste resources to solve the shortage of paper raw materials in China is a green development road

China Engineering Science and Technology Forum was founded by the Chinese Academy of Engineering in 2000. So far, more than 270 forums have been successfully held

Science and Technology Changsha, December 2 (Yu Huiyou correspondent Ren Binbin Peng LAN) on the 2nd, at the docking exchange meeting of "deepening cooperation and innovation and boosting the prosperity of Hunan and Hong Kong" held in Changsha, the Joint Laboratory of blockchain technology application jointly built by Hunan Institute of Industrial Technology Collaborative innovation, Hunan Communication Service Co., Ltd. and Hong Kong Institute of Applied Science and technology was unveiled. The establishment of a collaborative and innovative high-level international joint laboratory means that new progress has been made in exploring new models of scientific and technological cooperation between Hunan and Hong Kong

last September, Hunan Institute of Industrial Technology Collaborative Innovation signed a memorandum of cooperation with Hong Kong Academy of Applied Sciences. After full investigation, it was decided to take the lead in "water testing" scientific research cooperation in blockchain technology research and jointly build a joint laboratory for blockchain application. It is understood that the two sides plan to promote the replication of models and experiences related to technology R & D, management and transfer in Hunan and radiate across the country within three years; Build a docking platform between Hunan and Hong Kong scientific research technology and industrial projects to promote the industrial upgrading and transformation of traditional enterprises in Hunan; Promote the application and promotion of blockchain technology in Hunan, carry out training on relevant cutting-edge technologies such as blockchain technology, integrate advantageous talents and scientific and technological resources of the two places, form a collaborative innovation scientific research team, and implement blockchain application research projects. The research contents include the field of main chain technology, the field of blockchain security and privacy, the application framework of blockchain industry, and the distributed search function of main chain data and smart contract. In the near future, the two sides also plan to build a "Taobao o2o platform for judicial services" - such as a large public legal service platform in France, a traceability chain, a new retail comprehensive platform, etc

Tong Xudong, Party Secretary of Hunan Provincial Department of science and technology, said that the implementation of the joint laboratory will help promote the in-depth application and transformation of Hong Kong's advanced technological achievements and management model to the mainland. We hope to take the laboratory as the central platform to build Hunan blockchain industrial ecosystem and build a number of dynamic demonstration projects. In the next step, the two sides will also consider establishing scientific and technological cooperation bases, Hunan Branch of Hong Kong Academy of Applied Sciences and other models to continue to deepen scientific and technological cooperation and serve the construction of an innovative Hunan

China Science and technology news (Jiang Xiujuan) "We are designing a venture capital model combining social capital and scientists' professional ability, that is, scientists' Innovation Fund. Scientists' small amount of investment is tied with social capital, and then jointly support some long-term original projects. This is mainly to give full play to the advantages that capital can promote the industry to form a market, as well as the ability of scientists to judge and identify. In a word, we should create a group of scientists who focus on early investment and long-term investment Patient capital. " Zhai Lixin, director of the Management Committee of Zhongguancun Science and Technology Park, presented an olive branch to experts, entrepreneurs and scholars at the "Beijing Changping international biomedical industry innovation forum and the 2018 Sapa China annual meeting" recently hosted by the Chinese branch of the Sino American Pharmaceutical Professional Association (SAPA), "We especially welcome international multinational corporations and leading enterprises to develop in Beijing and support them to build headquarters or R & D centers in Beijing. We will adopt a case by case and multiple modes of cooperation to promote the development of excellent talents and top key projects in Beijing."

in order to promote the development of biomedical industry, Beijing recently issued the "three-year action plan for the coordinated development of pharmaceutical and health industry (2018-2020)", which will promote the development of the industry by strengthening original innovation, promoting the transformation of achievements, and the coordination between medicine and pharmacy, especially optimizing the environment for industrial development, strive to make Beijing a highland of original innovation of biomedicine and produce a number of major scientific discoveries, Form a science and technology professional park with global influence

according to Zhai Lixin, in terms of industrial development, Zhongguancun will focus on supporting the current hot cutting-edge technical fields such as stem cell and regenerative medicine, brain science and brain like research, structural biology, synthetic biology and proteomics; At the same time, we will accelerate the construction of a number of professional platforms, including cro, CMO and some pilot service platforms. At the same time, Beijing has also set up a science and innovation fund with a scale of 30 billion, which can be enlarged to 150 billion. The fund will support the development of several sub funds. At present, Beijing is building a number of new R & D institutions, and the annual basic operating cost can reach more than 100 million yuan

"not long ago, Zhongguancun just introduced measures to support disruptive technological innovation, which changed the way of randomly selecting experts, the minority obeying the majority and so on气血虚脂溢性脱发吃什么中成药

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