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At this stage, the coating industry is in a stable to mature stage. The brands of first-line enterprises have almost been established. At this stage, the main task is to maintain the steady rise of brands and investment, and to do a good job of shopping guide; Second tier enterprises are mainly to improve brand image, expand the scope of investment and franchise, and strengthen the ability of sales guidance. However, the improvement of brand image and shopping guide service of coating enterprises are based on the honest management. In a word, if paint enterprises want long-term sustainable development and want to seek a breakthrough in the paint market competition, it is necessary to resolutely implement the integrity management to the end

in the coating industry, there is a win-win strategic partnership between enterprises and dealers. The enterprise is like the main body of a thing, and the dealer is the right arm of the main body, which is indispensable. Paint enterprises want to become bigger and stronger, and dealers want good sales performance. Only when they sincerely cooperate and help each other, can they create a better tomorrow

paint enterprises and dealers should be honest and establish a loyal partnership. More and more modern enterprise management experience has proved that there are many advantages of fighting together. Paint enterprises need to establish a good, long-term and win-win strategic partnership with agents to consolidate the investment attraction system

dealers' storefronts directly face consumers, and honest management is particularly important. The consumption level of the public changes with the improvement of living standards. In the purchase process, consumers will pay more attention to the integrity and service of the store while paying attention to the price. Therefore, paint enterprises should not only set an example for dealers themselves, but also instill the concept of integrity management into dealers through training or communication, and urge dealers to achieve integrity management in store management

first, integrity is the foundation of the survival of coating enterprises, and brand is the soul of the integrity management of coating enterprises. Brand publicity needs to choose the right channel. With the Internet Storm, coating enterprises can choose online media as the main publicity channel. At the same time, paint enterprises that have always operated in good faith can only be effective in the shaping and publicity of brand image, win the love of consumers, and make consumers recognize the products of this brand when purchasing

second, paint enterprises need to be attentive in the service of shopping guide. The profit of an enterprise comes from the purchase of consumers. From the long-term development point of view, establishing a sound consumer service rights protection mechanism, improving the service mechanism, and operating in good faith are the key to the long-term sustainable development of coating enterprises

third, the top priority of honest management is the quality of products. Coating enterprises need to rely on technology to ensure the quality of products, strengthen self-discipline, do not make inferior products, do conscientious enterprises, and produce products recognized by the public

paint enterprises must bear social responsibilities to establish brand image, improve service mechanism and produce high-quality products. Only enterprises have the courage to take responsibility and make consumers trust and love, can they stand firm in the fierce market competition

in short, paint enterprises need to remember that if they want to obtain the recognition of consumers and even the industry, they must do a good job as the strong backing and good example of dealers, and adhere to the business philosophy of integrity-based





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