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Chen gongzhi's house decoration in Xi'an decoration class is wary of contract traps. The decoration contract seems to be an old-fashioned problem. However, from the complaint materials of Beijing Consumers' Association and home decoration Association, many decoration companies still take advantage of the fact that consumers are not familiar with the contract text to exploit loopholes in individual terms and "bury thunder" for consumers when decorating. Ms. Chen's new house needs decoration. After consulting some friends, she finally signed a decoration contract with a company. She is afraid that something will happen when decorating, so both parties will

Chen gongzhi's house decoration in Xi'an decoration class beware of contract traps

the decoration contract seems to be an old-fashioned problem, but from the complaint materials of Beijing Consumers' Association and home decoration Association, many decoration companies still take advantage of the fact that consumers are not familiar with the contract text, drilling holes in individual terms, and "burying thunder" for consumers when decorating

Ms. Chen's new house needs decoration. After consulting some friends, she finally signed a decoration contract with a company. She was afraid of what would happen during the decoration, so both parties signed the contract in detail. However, since Ms. Chen was the first decoration, she was not expert in this. There was a provision in the decoration contract with the home decoration company: after the contract was signed, if Party A (Ms. Chen) required to reduce the items specified in the contract after the project was started, it would be deemed as partial breach of contract, and Party B (home decoration company) should be paid liquidated damages of 20% of the reduced amount, Party A shall also pay Party B the design fee (40 yuan per square meter of the building) in proportion to the reduced amount. However, in the actual decoration, Ms. Chen felt that the location of the wardrobe in the master bedroom and the bookshelf in the study in the original design was unreasonable, requiring the wardrobe to be moved from the south wall to the north wall, and the bookshelf to be moved from the east to the West. It was originally a very simple change, but the home decoration company charged a deduction fee of nearly 1000 yuan according to the above terms

Ms. Chen was very angry and complained to the consumer association and the home decoration Association. The relevant personnel told her that because the decoration contract prepared by both parties in advance contained the "contract trap" carefully made by the company, and consumers inadvertently fell into it, it was difficult to solve this matter, and Ms. Chen finally had to admit bad luck

this is a very typical complaint caused by the contract. Consumers are not only fooled in the decoration, but also have no way to complain in the end. So far, some small or informal decoration companies are still using all kinds of fancy "contract traps" to deceive consumers

trap 1 knowingly "leaks"

the Ministry of construction's "measures for the administration of residential interior decoration" stipulates that decoration companies entering the community to undertake home decoration must have the corresponding qualification certificates of construction enterprises. But now some construction teams in the community are affiliated with qualified companies, that is, the company is not responsible for the construction quality and service of the construction team. In the contract, there is a column of "entrusted agent" in the item of "employer and contractor". Some decoration companies are affiliated and contracted enterprises, but deliberately omit to write the column of "entrusted agent", and do not fill in the name and contact number of the agent entrusted by the legal person, so as to shirk responsibility in case of problems. Once quality problems occur during the decoration period or warranty period, the interests of consumers cannot be guaranteed

in addition, when many decoration companies provide decoration schemes to consumers, they only give oral introductions, which is easy to cause problems and contradictions in the later construction process, and consumers have no basis. Usually, the decoration company should provide a floor plan; Two renderings (usually the main bedroom and living room); If there is ceiling, the top drawing shall also be provided; A water circuit transformation diagram; Construction drawings of specific projects shall also be provided for woodworking, and node drawings shall be provided for complex projects. The materials used shall be indicated in the construction drawings so as to correspond to the quotation

trap 2 confusion concept

decoration companies should indicate "qualification level" in the contract. Some decoration companies confuse the "design qualification" of the construction commission with "construction qualification", or use the qualification certificates of other companies to deceive consumers

trap 3 deliberately ambush pens

some decoration companies take advantage of the inexperience of consumers and specially formulate some terms that are not specific or can be explained in many ways. For example, many decoration contracts have such clauses: if the original brand materials are out of stock during decoration, Party B (home decoration company) can temporarily replace the same materials. But in fact, there are many explanations for this "same material": whether it is of the same quality, brand or price is not specified, and there is a lot of room for fraud

experts remind: when choosing a decoration company in the community, consumers should carefully check their decoration qualification and business license, and should ask them to show the original. According to the "business project" of the decoration company's business license, there must be the item "contracting interior decoration projects". Consumers should also pay attention to whether the company has a formal office location, whether it can issue qualified bills, etc. The staff of the company should be asked to show relevant certificates, such as electrician certificate, construction management personnel qualification certificate, etc., and check whether the address and telephone number of the company's business place are true and valid. At present, many companies that undertake home decoration services are small and medium-sized companies that have not applied for the decoration "qualification level" issued by the state, so consumers must carefully investigate to avoid being cheated

when reviewing the contract, we should pay attention to whether there are specific requirements and completion dates for decoration; Whether the specific brand or model of decorative materials used is indicated in the contract to prevent the decoration company from shoddy; For the increase or decrease of some decoration projects, you must fill in the relevant "project negotiation form" and remit it into the decoration contract as an attachment; The provisions on warranty in the contract are essential, and we should distinguish the responsibility: if it is a quality problem of construction or materials, the decoration company should bear all the responsibility; In case of improper use by users, both parties can deal with it through negotiation. (

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