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Ruth McConaughey: maintaining network security is the common interest of China and the United States. In an exclusive interview with Zhejiang Province, Mr. McConaughey said, "last year's trip to Wuzhen was a perfect experience. I had a very pleasant exchange with representatives of China's Internet industry. Such global summits are of great significance for strengthening communication and cooperation in the global Internet industry."

On December 16, McConnell will attend the second world interconnection conference. Recently, he told me with great joy, "I want to return to the beautiful Wuzhen to meet old friends and meet some new friends."

establish effective international cooperation to combat cyberterrorism

although it is almost ancient, McConaughey can't stop for a moment and is still active in major Internet forums around the world. In June this year, he attended the global think tank summit in Beijing; In July, he appeared at the badmoor open forum; In September, he appeared at the annual global cyberspace Cooperation summit in New York and delivered an important speech...

in Mr. McConnell's view, the issue of Internet security is becoming increasingly important, and it is urgent to establish an effective international dialogue and cooperation mechanism

"we are committed to promoting international cooperation. Our purpose is to unite international forces to strengthen cooperation between government departments and the private sector and jointly fight against cyberterrorism." This is how McConaughey summed up his work

the use of graphene is still too expensive and impractical.

in recent years, cyber terrorism has increasingly threatened the national security and economic security of the United States. James Clapper, director of national intelligence of the United States, pointed out in this year's global threat assessment report of the United States intelligence community that cyber terrorism has an obvious upward trend in frequency, scale and impact

in his speech at the first World Internet Conference last year, McConaughey called on people to build confidence and determination to fight cyber terrorism, "In fact, terrorists' use of networks can also help law enforcers better track and master their plans. Because their actions will leave traces on the networks, which can help us law enforcers find and chase them, so we should do the opposite and find them by means of networks."

McConaughey cited, for example, the anti terrorism center of the International Criminal Police Organization in Singapore and the criminal police in the Hague in the Netherlands both fight against terrorists through contacts

however, according to McConaughey's observation, in recent years, some criminal elements have gradually shown signs of transnational integration with terrorists. They interact through networks, which makes anti-terrorism complex, so it increases the demand for international cooperation

McConaughey believes that "Internet information is an intelligent achievement from all over the world. From the perspective of security and management, Internet governance is not something that any government can do alone. Countries need to strengthen cooperation. Both government departments and private sectors can carry out cross cooperation to deal with terrorism and trace the Internet. Because the flexible packaging materials are mainly high-level criminals or criminals with related materials."

data map: Bruce McConaughey, senior vice president of the Institute of eastern and Western studies of the United States

maintaining network security is the common interest of China and the United States

the pattern of the United States as the only Internet leader has been broken, and the Internet has changed from being dominated by a single country to being shared by many countries

McConaughey said that he was very happy to see this change. "For the whole earth and mankind, the Internet is an internationally shared resource that can generate huge economic and social benefits. It is also an incubator for cooperation and innovation. Its safe operation is of great significance to the whole class. Therefore, it is more necessary for all countries and regions to participate in global Internet governance."

according to statistics, China and the United States together account for about one third of the global population. McConaughey, who has 30 years of experience in security work, said that connectivity will be an important area for China US cooperation, and the two countries should jointly improve the stability and security of the overall Internet space

in describing China US cooperation in the field of Internet, Mr. McConaughey quoted a sentence from Chinese Foreign Minister Wangyi: "China and the United States are interconnected powers and share common interests in maintaining network security. Today, each and every one of us has a responsibility to hope that the network space will become the Xinjiang region of bilateral cooperation, rather than a new source of mutual friction."

at the first World Internet Conference last year, Luwei, director of China National Internet Information Office, put forward three "C to C", of which the third "C to C" (come to consensus) promoted by the strong standard of indoor air quality is "towards consensus". Lu Wei said at the opening ceremony that he hoped to strengthen communication, seek common ground while reserving differences, establish a multilateral, democratic and transparent international Internet governance system, and jointly build a network of peace, security, openness and cooperation

this view coincides with the direction of McConaughey's efforts. "The Institute of eastern and Western studies has worked closely with the China Internet association to jointly study how to reduce spam and malice that affect the global Internet." in the past 210 years, China's composite industry has developed a number of Pentium software. In addition, I often travel to Beijing and Washington to discuss how to enhance the dialogue between China and the United States on Internet issues. "

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