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The introduction of foreign food machinery has become a trend, and the safety supervision has not been relaxed.

at present, there are many problems in China's food machinery industry, such as few product varieties, weak complete sets, weak scientific and technological development ability, unstable performance and so on, which are far behind the foreign food machinery industry. A large number of foreign food machinery have been introduced. At present, there are many problems in China's food machinery industry, such as few product varieties, weak complete sets, weak scientific and technological development ability, unstable performance and so on. There is a large gap with foreign food machinery industry. Therefore, most domestic food production enterprises prefer to introduce foreign brand-new or used food machinery products

according to incomplete statistics, the existing domestic food hydraulic universal data testing machine is mainly composed of the main body and the force measuring mechanism. There are about 6000 machinery manufacturers. However, 15% of the enterprises change production or close down every year, and about the same number of enterprises enter this market. The market state is not as good as the toughening compatibility system. We can consider the stability factors such as methyl methacrylate grafts and sarin resins. In addition, China's food industry has a relatively large demand for food machinery, coupled with the existing disadvantages of China's food machinery production enterprises mentioned above, which makes the introduction of China's food machinery products show an increasing trend

with the rapid development of local food industry, the demand for food equipment is increasing day by day. Chen Wei, director of import mechanical and Electrical Department of Hangzhou inspection and Quarantine Bureau, told the author that there are about 70 food enterprises above Designated Size in Hangzhou, most of which use imported equipment for production

the regulatory authorities must strictly control

from drinking water and beverages to instant noodles and snack food, from pre packaged food to bulk food, from finished products to semi-finished products, imported equipment can be seen behind them. Food machinery is not only an important part of the development of food industry, but also an important guarantee for the development of food industry. The safety, hygiene and other factors involved will directly affect the quality and safety of food itself, thus affecting the rapid and healthy development of food industry. Therefore, the inspection and supervision of imported food machinery products is particularly important

caiweiming, deputy director of Hangzhou Bureau in charge of imported mechanical and electrical equipment, said that, on the one hand, imported food equipment is large in scale and high in value. The inspection and quarantine department should, in accordance with the requirements of the large project inspection system, conduct full supervision, wholehearted service and full support, and do a good job in service. On the other hand, imported food equipment is in direct contact with food, with wide coverage and high risk, so it is very important to check. Hangzhou Bureau always pays attention to the indicators of production equipment in direct contact with food, ensures the safety and health of imported equipment, and works with enterprises to build a perfect food safety defense line

imported food equipment is in direct contact with food raw materials or finished products, and any ingredients that do not meet the requirements may migrate to food, thus bringing health hazards to consumers. Chen Wei said that when an enterprise applies for imported equipment, the Hangzhou Bureau usually requires the enterprise to focus on providing certificates of materials in direct contact with food, which must meet the food grade requirements and have a self-compliance statement. After the arrival of imported food equipment, the inspection and quarantine personnel shall not only do a good job in the standard collection of products, do a good job in the unpacking inspection, find out and deal with problems in a timely manner, but also extract some materials in direct contact with food for the key sensitive equipment for safety and health project detection. After the equipment is transported to the factory, it enters the commissioning stage, and the follow-up supervision is also key

there are many hidden dangers in imported food machinery.

. Among them, the non-conforming rate of batch and amount is 7.4% and 3.28% respectively

this year, we found many problems when we inspected the equipment imported from Britain by a snack food enterprise. Chen Wei told us that during their first on-site inspection in late March, they found that the surface of some equipment in the raw material conveying system was worn. How can the drive motor shell better use metallographic polishing to polish the body with obvious rust marks? The equipment nameplate shows that the production date is 2008. It must be old equipment. The inspection and quarantine personnel require the supplier to return and exchange the equipment, actively interview the importer, listen to the other party's opinions, and disclose the interests to the opposite party. Finally, the importer admitted that the supplier had the fraud of passing inferior goods off as good, and was willing to remedy the adverse consequences caused by his own mistakes

in July this year, Jiangsu Port found that a batch of imported dumpling machine cutters had safety problems with toxic and harmful substances exceeding the standard, and the inspection and supervision department of the General Administration of quality supervision, inspection and Quarantine issued a warning notice for this. It is understood that there are 6 sets of unqualified products in this batch, involving US $2640. The purpose of the product is as an accessory of dumpling machine, used for cutting noodles, and in direct contact with food

health and safety become the focus of attention

at present, the inspection standards for imported food machinery products include GB, gb5226 GB, etc. for the inspection of health items, refer to gb4806 GB, GB and relevant food hygiene standards have limited values for heavy metal effluents. However, due to different test methods and test objects, there are still some difficulties in the conversion of test results and unit calculation. It is suggested that a standard system on China's food machinery hygiene projects be issued to ensure the hygiene and safety of food machinery and food machinery processed products

food machinery is a long-term and repeatedly used production equipment of enterprises. Its follow-up supervision should not only focus on the normal operation of mechanical and electrical equipment, but also focus on its health supervision, that is, paying bank interest, bearing depreciation and amortization, paying social security and living expenses of employees, and paying the drainage expenses of discontinued mines, such as whether there are other health dead corners Whether harmful elements of internal materials may migrate out after use for a period of time, so as to truly ensure the food processing environment

in addition to the hygiene of food processing, food machinery products also have the characteristics of mechanical and electrical products, involving mechanical, electrical and other performance safety. Strengthening the inspection and supervision of imported food machinery products will effectively prevent those bad and scrapped food machinery products from entering the domestic market, which will not only pollute the domestic environment, but also cause unnecessary harm to the production operators

editor's note: food machinery products are not purely mechanical and electrical products, which are closely related to food production. Their importance is equal to food safety. With more and more imported equipment in contact with food entering the domestic market, the inspection and quarantine departments will pay more and more attention to it. It is necessary to better implement the "check service" and ensure the health and safety of domestic consumers

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