It is still difficult to break through the hottest

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It is still difficult to break through the glass range and leave the market for a while.

Nanhua futures

on Thursday, the glass showed a strong trend of shock. The main contract 1401 rose slightly in the afternoon, and by the end of the closing, it rose by 6 yuan. The volatile market for many days also led to a decline in the trading volume of the glass on Thursday

in terms of spot goods, the market in East China is generally average today. What needs special attention in South China and North China is that the small increase in the price of the electronic tensile machine and the sample fixture in North China has not brought a positive signal to East China. Kunshan Taibo 5mm in East China rose by 8 yuan and 12mm by 10 yuan; Dezhou Jinghua rose 10 yuan for 4mm and 8 yuan for 5mm; Some operators of the other products failed to operate in accordance with the requirements of the experimental machine. Good news came from the macro level. The executive meeting of the State Council held on the 26th studied and deployed to speed up the transformation of shanty towns. In the next five years, 10million shanty towns in cities, state-owned industrial and mining areas, forest areas and reclamation areas will be reconstructed, of which 3.04 million will be reconstructed in 2013. Supporting municipal facilities and public service facilities shall be constructed simultaneously to ensure synchronous use. The meeting stressed that the central government should increase the support of subsidy funds, and local governments at all levels should also correspondingly increase capital investment. The transformation of shanty towns will bring benefits to infrastructure varieties including glass

China glass composite index on Thursday was 1082.78 points, up 0.75 points month on month; China glass price index was 1061.08, up 1.28 points month on month; China Glass confidence index was 1169.57 points, down 1.36 points month on month

generally speaking, the change of the spot market is relatively stable, and the overall warming is obvious. After the end of the Mei rainy season, the market price is likely to rise. However, from the technical point of view, due to the high pressure at 1400, it is unlikely that the oil pump will break through the range in the short term. It is expected that the main contract 1401 will still fluctuate in a narrow range in the near future, with a range of. The content of this article is for reference only and does not constitute investment advice. Investors operate accordingly at their own risk

the new parts of Zhonghua glass (1) were damaged when it was removed (such as the pump sealing gasket); Glass () Department

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