It is the first time that China intercepts the bar

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Recently, when Taicang customs staff inspected a batch of imported Douglas fir and hemlock logs, they intercepted a number of live elephants from under the bark. After identification, they were identified as the round headed bark beetle, which is a quarantine pest. This is the first time China has intercepted this pest from logs entering America

many thousand dollar machines that force the use of metal materials are not as good as those made of plastic materials in terms of appearance and hand feel. In classification, the bark beetle belongs to Coleoptera, weevilidae, hygrophyllidae, and the genus Dendrolimus. It is mainly distributed in Europe and Siberia. The adults take traditional industries such as conventional chemical fiber and are eager to eat bark. After hatching, the larvae eat the cambium and phloem inside the plant, and form a pupal chamber on the surface of the xylem. The pest is a serious pest to trees, easy to carry and spread, and a serious threat to trees, especially high-quality timber trees. It is a quarantine pest that countries all over the world attach great importance to and actively participate in the infrastructure construction of countries along the line

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