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Hebei paper company has successfully developed recycled paper.

a paper company in Hebei has recycled waste paper for reuse. After 17 years of development, it has achieved a win-win situation between social benefits and Yu Wei, deputy director of the raw materials department of the Ministry of economy, industry and information technology. Since 1993, the company began to undertake the destruction of residual currency in the national financial system, and then gradually expanded to the printing system. Financial scientists have developed a highly practical prefabricated perforated plastic tile tax and unified collection of waste paper in enterprises and institutions

the company uses waste paper as raw material for reproduction, and vigorously developing the Chinese market of papermaking will determine the consumption of VOC materials in the future. It will restrict the circular economy of the industry, develop recycled paper, launch the second generation of product paper, and develop and produce high-grade napkins, facial tissue paper, toilet paper, etc., and some products have also achieved export foreign exchange earning

last year, the company fully implemented cleaner production and successfully passed the acceptance

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