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The organizer of 2014 China International all print exhibition reminded that

be highly vigilant and beware of fraudulent exhibition behaviors of bad companies

dear exhibitors:

recently, the organizers of 2014 China International Printing Exhibition have constantly found that Beijing Yaqiang International Exhibition Co., Ltd. faxed and sent the application form of 2014 China printing technology and equipment exhibition to relevant manufacturers, which made Erb say that this process is simple and safe. Some manufacturers mistakenly thought it was 2014 China International Printing Technology and equipment exhibition, And induce manufacturers to sign exhibition contracts in the table

in order to safeguard the interests of the majority of manufacturers and prevent being deceived, please follow the following points when applying to participate in the 2014 China International all print exhibition equipped with safety protection network:

1.2014 China International all print exhibition adopts the method of signing up for participation. If you want to sign up for participation, please visit the official website linprint There are many kinds of goods on the market. For details, there is no so-called Exhibition Application Form for domestic manufacturers

2.2014 China International all print exhibition

time: November, 2014

location: Shanghai New International Expo Center

3 According to the contract, please contact the organizer for confirmation before remittance

4.2014 China International all print exhibition has the following three exhibitors:

China Printing Technology Association

Beijing keyin media culture Co., Ltd. static experimental machine mainly includes: Company

Duesseldorf Exhibition (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.

please remind each other to avoid being cheated

thank you for your support

China International all print exhibition

October 2013

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