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Hebei moon cake tying is basically eliminated, and the packaging still needs to be slimmed down

although it is still more than half a month away from the Mid Autumn Festival, which will attract enterprises to participate in military civilian integration technology transactions, all kinds of moon cakes have been "landing" in the market. During the interview in the provincial capital shopping malls and supermarkets, it was found that although the excessive tying of mooncakes on the market this year was basically eliminated, and the luxury packaging was also greatly reduced, from the perspective of the requirements of building an energy-saving society, there was still a lot of room for mooncake packaging to "slim down". Some consumers believe that as a highly seasonal food, moon cakes do not need to pursue a gorgeous appearance, but should work hard on quality and taste

in the underground supermarket of a shopping mall on Zhongshan Road, the provincial capital, we can see that the manufacturer's moon cake exhibition area has been set up. Most of the mooncakes sold here are gift mooncakes, which are beautifully packaged and sold in boxes. The price ranges from 30 yuan to hundreds of yuan. The most expensive one is 688 yuan a box

few buyers can be seen in these moon cake exhibition areas. Promoters said that most of the buyers of this kind of boxed moon cakes buy gifts. Now it is still early from the Mid Autumn Festival, and naturally fewer people buy them. When asked about the price, the promoters reported that this year, the state has clearly ordered that moon cake sales are not allowed to tie in other goods, and there are also requirements for packaging, so the price of boxed moon cakes is lower than that of previous years based on the measurement principle of tensile testing machine. However, it was found that although the tie-in sales of moon cakes this year were difficult to find, some manufacturers promoted by lottery, and the winning rate was 100%, and the lowest prize was a bottle of red wine. Consumers believe that this is nothing more than changing patterns, and the wool comes from the sheep

in some supermarkets, moon cake counters and some large hotels, it was noted that although the luxury of moon cake packaging this year was somewhat less than in previous years, the phenomenon of packaging waste still existed, especially in some foreign moon cakes, except for less tying goods, the packaging was not much different from last year. Some consumers said that this year's moon cakes are not tied with gifts. On the surface, the boxed price has decreased compared with previous years, but from the perspective of their own consumption, a box of moon cakes with hundreds of yuan is still "high price" for them, and most of them are high in packaging

on the contrary, many locally produced mooncakes are "paperback versions", and the packaging is made of transparent plastic paper, which looks very delicate and hygienic. They are sold by piece, and the price is also very "civilian", mostly between 3 and 6 yuan. Many consumers welcome these "civilian" moon cakes. Ms. Bai, who works in a company, said, "in the past, moon cakes were so exquisite and gorgeous that it was a waste to tie in goods that were completely incompatible with the Mid Autumn Festival and moon cakes. When consumers buy moon cakes, they pay attention to taste and hygiene, and authenticity is the most important."

yaozhenchun, President of Shijiazhuang Federation of Commerce, believes that moon cakes are originally something that people convey their feelings and express their wishes. In the past, in order to cater to the vanity of a few people in the future work, some manufacturers maliciously hyped the sky high price moon cakes, which not only weakened the role of moon cakes in expressing feelings, but also plunged the moon cake industry into a misunderstanding of abnormal development. This year, the relevant departments of the state have issued Guiding Opinions on the packaging of moon cakes. Most moon cake manufacturers in the provincial capital have improved the packaging, no longer focusing on the packaging of moon cakes, but on the quality and taste of products. It is understood that the relevant national departments will formulate mandatory standards for moon cake packaging. It is believed that the competition in the moon cake industry will tend to be benign in the future, and more attention will be paid to the quality of moon cakes. (1) measurement and control system, operation software and data processing system brands

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