Hebei Province will rectify VOCs emissions from ke

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Hebei Province will rectify VOCs emissions from key industries

Hebei Province will rectify VOCs emissions from "key" industries

August 8, 2016

[China paint information] learned from the Ministry of environmental protection station that recently, Hebei Province's air pollution prevention assumption platform has formulated the "work plan for reaching the standard of volatile organic compounds in key industries in Hebei Province" in the leading group office of rising position governance, which puts forward, Hebei Province will implement a deadline for VOCs emission control in 11 key industries. Enterprises that fail to complete the control task within the time limit and fail to meet the emission standard will stop production for rectification from January 1, 2017, and production can be resumed only after the treatment meets the standard

the key industries identified in the plan include pharmaceutical manufacturing, petroleum refining, petrochemical, organic chemical, coking, steel smelting and rolling processing, wood processing, furniture manufacturing, transportation equipment manufacturing, surface coating, packaging and printing, etc. Other industrial industries and catering lampblack, automobile maintenance, clothing dry cleaning and other life service industries should also take difficult control measures due to the common sense of active measurement and control, and strengthen supervision and management

according to the plan, all localities should select key monitoring enterprises as pilots, install monitoring samples with the original surface facilities, and contact the environmental protection department. From January 1, 2017, Hebei Province will carry out regular supervisory monitoring and sampling testing of VOCs emission enterprises. Among them, the key monitoring enterprises conduct supervisory monitoring every six months; Other enterprises conduct supervisory monitoring once a year. The monitoring results and data can be used as an important basis for environmental management, such as punishment of environmental violations, collection of pollutant discharge fees, issuance of pollutant discharge licenses, etc

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