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Hebei Provincial Department of science and technology actively promotes the transfer of clean coal gasification technology to the glass industry

the glass industry is not only a basic raw material industry, but also an important supporting industry for strategic emerging industries such as green building, solar energy, wind energy and flat panel display. However, structural overcapacity and increasingly stringent requirements for energy conservation and emission reduction have brought great pressure to the development of shattering strength testing machine in Hebei Shahe glass industry. In order to guide enterprises to change their development mode and realize the scientific development of Shahe glass industry, under the organization and coordination of Hebei Provincial Department of science and technology, the Shahe Glass Association should also strengthen the guidance and support of its branches. The high level Forum on the development of Shahe glass industry was held from March 17 to 18. Experts and scholars from the Ministry of industry and information technology, China Academy of building materials science, China Daily Glass Association, Nanjing Institute of glass fiber research and design, Wuhan University of technology, Beijing University of technology and other units attended the forum

the meeting carried out full exchanges around the development status and trends of the glass industry, high-end glass products and products, the construction of regional innovation system, the organizational structure of the glass industry and its format structure, industrial layout, etc

experts from ENN Smart Energy Co., Ltd. made a report entitled "Application of clean coal gasification technology in glass furnace industry" at the forum. The report attracted the high attention of experts and leaders attending the meeting. Many enterprises showed great interest and exchanged views on related technologies, costs, safety and other issues related to extruded polystyrene board, not only thermal insulation

during the meeting, Shahe municipal government, Provincial Department of science and technology and Xinao Intelligent Energy Co., Ltd. held a special meeting and reached a number of consensus on promoting the application of clean coal gasification technology in glass furnaces. This meeting will have an important impact on the construction of the 100 billion yuan glass industry base and the transformation of the development mode of the glass industry

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