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Hebei added glass and other industries as the focus of the national pollution source census

30% of copper forgings

the implementation plan for the second national pollution source census in Hebei Province was recently issued, which defined the object, scope and content of the second national pollution source census in Hebei Province. Hebei Province added thermal power, steel, cement, coking, glass, pharmaceutical, printing and dyeing, tanning, chemical fertilizer, petrochemical industry and centralized sewage treatment facilities as the focus of the census

the plan is clear that the goal of this census is to comprehensively grasp the basic information of various pollution sources in Hebei Province, understand the number and structural distribution of pollution sources, establish and improve the basic information data of pollution sources, and provide basis for comprehensive decision-making of environmental management and development. The standard time point of the census is December 31, 2017, and the period data is the data of 2017

the census targets units and self-employed households with pollution sources in Hebei Province. The census covers industrial pollution sources, agricultural pollution sources, domestic pollution sources, centralized pollution control facilities, mobile sources and other facilities that produce and discharge pollutants. The contents of the census include the basic information of the census objects, the level of production activities, the production, treatment, discharge and comprehensive utilization of pollutants, and the construction and operation of various pollution prevention and control facilities. Different census methods were determined for centralized pollution control facilities and mobile sources of industrial sources, agricultural sources and domestic sources

it is reported that Hebei Province will comprehensively master the number, industry structure and regional distribution of pollution sources through pollution source census, build an information platform for environmental management of pollution sources in Hebei Province, and realize more accurate environmental management and environmental law enforcement based on pollution source census

Northern Province, such as the printing of the river data report, made it clear that the PRDC of the pollution source is an important and key investigation work of Bayer materials technology's global innovation network, and included it in the government's target assessment. Provinces, cities, counties (cities, districts) should set up census agencies to be responsible for the census of pollution sources within their administrative areas

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