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Great, my XCMG heavy truck! The production capacity of a single shift has exceeded 100 units, reaching a new starting point and embarking on a new journey

great, my XCMG heavy truck! The production capacity of a single shift has exceeded 100 units, reaching a new starting point and embarking on a new journey

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with the improvement of the epidemic prevention and control situation, the heavy truck market has ushered in an unprecedented good situation. It is urgent to ensure the supply of market resources while persistently doing a good job in epidemic prevention. In order to fully stimulate the motivation to unite employees and fully promote the realization of the annual business goal of "30000 sets and 10billion", the automotive business department has worked together to achieve a single shift capacity of 100 sets, setting a new capacity milestone

on May 6, XCMG heavy truck line completed a historic leap - the production capacity of a single shift successfully exceeded 100 units, which is a new starting point and a new record for XCMG's production capacity improvement. From June 2019, it reached 75 units, and exceeded 80 units for the first time in November; By April 2020, it will be stable at 85 sets; On May 6, it exceeded 100 sets, and the daily output of XCMG heavy trucks achieved a step-by-step leap

focus on difficult pain points and get through the bottleneck of sequence transition

fast response and efficient operation are the hard truth. Establish and implement a rapid response mechanism for the production process, clarify the sequence transfer and commissioning cycle after the vehicle is offline, and greatly shorten the vehicle warehousing cycle; Strengthen the handling process of various abnormal problems in the whole production process and the control of relevant personnel, respond quickly and deal with them efficiently, so as to ensure the efficient operation of all sections of the production system

be professional and versatile, and build a versatile business. The automobile business department strengthens the training of multiple skills in motor work, and through the pairing of drivers starting with the same machine, a total of 2. Speed double closed-loop control and debugging vehicles, give full play to the complementary role of "motor function", completely open up the whole production chain, and greatly relieve the pressure of calibration and testing. At the same time, assist in the "static adjustment" project of the inspection line, use the double floor chain to check and rectify the static state of the vehicle, simplify the calibration and test work process, and improve the efficiency of vehicle commissioning

zengchuang mutual insurance and joint insurance all staff strictly control quality

carry out the "zero" project of the production process quality of the General Assembly branch in depth, strengthen the quality control ability of the production process, give full play to the role of the quality gate, and innovatively add a quality mutual insurance and joint insurance team. An atmosphere of comparison, learning, catching up, helping and surpassing is formed among the teams in quality assurance, quality improvement and other activities

make "zero defect" a habit. Within the group, learn assembly operation knowledge from each other, improve personal skill level, consciously abide by the "three press" and "three no" principles, keep in mind and strictly abide by the quality red line, constantly improve employees' personal quality awareness and awareness, and make the pursuit of "zero defects" become employees' behavior habits

first, let's talk about where we played yesterday, that is, we are qualified, and we will put it into storage when we transfer the sequence. Continue to promote regional quality certification, concentrate resources, make every effort to solve the process problems of human, machine, material, method, environment and testing, find the root cause of the problem, lay a good lead, push forward the nodes to solve the problem, transform the final result inspection and control into process management and prevention, realize the transformation and upgrading of ideological awareness and quality management, and ensure that the products are qualified when they are offline and put into storage when they are transferred

refining pre production preparation to help improve production capacity

reasonable allocation of processes is a necessary preparation for production capacity improvement. In order to achieve the breakthrough of production bottleneck, the automotive business department actively organizes technicians to verify and verify the unit working hours of each process, clarify the cause of the problem, and solve the production bottleneck caused by different reasons

break the "magic spell" of production that "a new model will stop production". The General Assembly branch factory actively communicates with the technical department, decomposes the three-dimensional digital analog diagram, strengthens the technical guidance, and carries out the training of assembly points in advance. At the same time, the air in the pipe is discharged before the vehicle is officially put into production. The technicians work together with the production staff to carry out the trial assembly of the sample vehicle, standardize the binding requirements of the pipe line, determine the location of the installation hole, find and solve the problems in advance, and ensure the continuity of the mass production of new models

sharpen your knife without mistaking the firewood cutter. The maintenance and control of equipment are the basic guarantee for safe production and high efficiency. The automotive business department first completes the optimization and upgrading of equipment procedures, improves operation efficiency and reduces waiting time. Secondly, strengthen the daily inspection work of other equipment, and form maintenance at different levels of daily maintenance, monthly maintenance and quarterly maintenance. Strengthen the working capacity of equipment operators, increase the number and types of spare parts reserves, strengthen the troubleshooting of hidden dangers, and take multiple measures to ensure safe and efficient production

innovative incentive mechanism stimulates the upsurge of big work

production capacity should be improved, and personnel are also increasing. How to condense the strength of employees and give full play to their motivation has become an urgent problem to be solved. All branches of the automotive business division actively respond, organize and plan labor competition activities, and set six types of incentive measures such as monthly pacesetters with the policy of "post incentives and example guidance", so as to fully mobilize the work enthusiasm of all employees and create a working atmosphere of "comparison, learning, catching up, helping and Surpassing"

opportunities and challenges coexist, and markets and benefits coexist. Xu Jing checked his disconnection rate after a certain number of times. All the cadres and staff of the heavy duty truck worked together, worked hard, and took many measures at the same time, achieving the first 100 offline, which is just a new starting point for the company's capacity improvement. XCMG heavy truck practically starts from itself, fully guarantees the resource supply, refines the internal management, strictly controls the vehicle quality, firmly insists on the monthly production of 3000 units, bites the main business income of 10billion, and anchors the sales volume of 30000 units, helping XCMG achieve the goal of reaching the summit of Mount Everest

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