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Open landsight linkus, let's have a meeting

after a long holiday, many users of Landsea IPPBX were delighted to find that the latest version of linkus software released on the apple store (app store) has quietly added conference functions, because plastic uses much less materials

what changes will the release of the conference function bring to linkus users

linkus, as the end soft electricity afterword of Landsea IPPBX, enables users to directly initiate meetings at any time and anywhere, without having to stick to one place and rely on conference equipment for invitation

flexibly invite members

before the meeting, the initiator can choose the extension or of the colleagues participating in the meeting on linkus, or add the contacts on the in the address book to the meeting, or directly enter the number on the dial-up keyboard to add

after adding all participants, click to start the meeting, Landsea IPPBX will immediately call the members, and the members can enter the meeting when they pick up the call

manage meetings efficiently

when a meeting is held, the linkus interface is "rdquo; The icon of can reflect the status of participants in real time. The meeting initiator can delete or mute members, and can also temporarily invite others to join the current meeting

after the meeting, linkus will automatically save the name and member information of this meeting, and you can directly launch the meeting without re invitation at the next meeting

in addition to meetings, the new version of linkus also adds the function of viewing voice messages and supports Bluetooth headset calls

what are you waiting for? Open the app store to download updates

friendly tips: the new version of linkus on Android will also be updated to various application platforms. Please look forward to it

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