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Dig hard stones every day, no pressure, temporary excavation machine skin is solid

dig hard stones every day without pressure, and the temporary excavator is solid

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although the sky is drizzling, the data in Ma'an gravel yard shows that it is still in full swing, and large trucks loaded with stones continue to drive out of the quarry. "Recently, there is a great demand for stones. The excavators here almost work 24 hours a day. People and machines don't stop working. They produce 70000 tons of stones every month." Lin Wen, the head of Ma'an quarry, introduced us in his busy schedule

Lin Wen has been engaged in the excavator leasing industry since 2006. At present, he has 12 excavators, which have contracted the earthwork stripping and stone mining of Ma'an gravel yard. At the beginning, he used imported excavator brands, including caterpillar, Hitachi and Volvo. It was not until 2012 that Lin Wen began to use temporary excavators, and since then, temporary excavators have become his preferred excavator brand

Lin Wen, the head of Ma'an quarry, said, "I mainly contract the work of the quarry. The working environment is poor, and I have very high requirements for excavators. Therefore, in the early stage of my business, in order to open up the market, I bought imported brands. Until 2012, I saw people around me using temporary excavators, and the response was good, and I plan to try to use them." Talking about this, Lin Wen continued, "after using it, I found that the performance of temporary excavators is very good, which is almost the same as that of imported brands. In particular, the operation is very comfortable, and the drivers rush to drive. Therefore, I have always used temporary excavators in the back, so I don't want to operate any computers. There are three before, two 210 and one 300."

in addition to performance, Lin Wen is deeply touched by the quality and durability of temporary excavators. According to his introduction, the first excavator he bought has been used for more than 14000 hours, and the other two excavators have also been used for more than 10000 hours. At present, they all deal with hard stones in Ma'an quarry day and night. "The engine and hydraulic parts of the first temporary excavator have not been replaced, and the boom and chassis parts have not been moved. The quality of the temporary excavator really has nothing to say. Therefore, temporary excavator is now my first choice." Lin Wen highly recognizes temporary excavators

excavator driver long Xingming

in addition, with ultra-high comfort and humanized design, temporary excavators have become the "hot goods" of Tang Peide in the eyes of the operators of Ma'an quarry. "I have been driving excavators for 9 years, and I have previously driven Carter, Volvo, Longgong and XCMG. At present, although I have been driving this temporary excavator for 10000 hours, it is very easy and comfortable to operate, which is no worse than the imported brand. When we are busy, we have to work more than 10 hours a day. If the comfort is not enough, we will be very tired at the end of the day, and the temporary excavator will not feel tired. In addition, the maintenance of temporary excavator is very convenient, and we need to Lubricating places are easy to reach. " Long Xingming, the driver of a temporary excavator on site, said

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