It's the most powerful and fuel-efficient. You thi

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It's powerful and fuel-efficient. Do you think the only way to do it is to dig hard? Small excavation is better

it's energetic and fuel-efficient. Do you think the only way to do the temporary work is to dig? Small excavation is better

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at the construction site of shuangfuqiao operation sluice in Wuxing District, Huzhou, Ma Lixiang drove his newly started temporary 6-ton small excavation. In a field full of silt and pond mud, he waved an iron hand and turned. The accuracy and force measurement stability of the experimental machine were determined by the quality of the sensor. He transported it to the muddy water shovel by shovel and flattened it, Pave a road that allows workers to go down to the pond for construction

shuangfuqiao operation sluice, as a key project of Huzhou water conservancy in 2017, will become an important flood discharge channel in Wuxing district during the flood season, and the flood control capacity of Shuanglin town and Linhu town adjacent to shuangfuqiao village will be comprehensively upgraded

Shandong Lingong Huzhou user Ma Lixiang

"the construction period of municipal projects is very tight, which has high requirements for the overall performance of the construction units, especially the equipment involved in the construction. In order to better complete the construction, I decided to buy new equipment. I bought temporary excavators specifically for this project." As the main equipment lessee of small excavators used in the project, Ma Lixiang, a native of Huzhou, has operated small excavator leasing for more than 9 years. In these 9 years, he can be seen in almost all municipal projects within a hundred kilometers of Wuxing district. At present, Ma Lixiang has also used small excavators of several names in the market, and temporary construction brand equipment is Ma Lixiang's "ultimate choice" after comparing all products, "We judge whether the small excavation is good or not, first of all, depends on whether the power is strong or not, and second, who has lower fuel consumption under the same power output. Temporary work is particularly good at these two points, which are strong and fuel-efficient."

Shandong Lingong e660f excavator

just after purchasing this car, Ma Lixiang received the shuangfuqiao sluice project. After more than 300 hours of high-intensity construction testing in one month, Ma Lixiang had a deeper understanding of the temporary products, "Although this equipment has not been run in yet, it has strong power, high reliability, comfortable cab seats, and the service of after-sales technicians is also of high standard. When the construction period is tight, they will often take the initiative to ask about the use and maintenance of the equipment, whether they encounter problems, and what help they need. Once something happens, they will come as soon as possible. Whether it is the service attitude, maintenance ability, or All the brands I have used are first-class. "

in the more than 9 years since operating excavator leasing, with early entry and rich experience in excavator operation, Ma Lixiang seems to be a "weathervane" figure in the excavation leasing industry in Wuxing District, Huzhou. His every move is an example of the connection between the buffer spring and 1 buffer head of the surrounding excavator owners. As the first user in the circle of friends to buy a temporary small excavator, from the first day when the temporary excavator came back to the present, friends often asked about the use and performance of the temporary small excavator, and even many relatives and friends made a special trip to Ma Lixiang's construction site to test drive this product. Now, after Ma Lixiang's introduction and promotion, the name of temporary excavation "powerful, high reliability and low fuel consumption" has been passed down by word of mouth in nearly 100 excavator rental user circles in Wuxing District, Huzhou. "This month, three people in our place have bought temporary excavation." Ma Lixiang said with a smile

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