It's the most popular to work with nails and bells

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Work with nails and bells, and walk with the wind

Internet + has risen to the national strategy, which has also set off a vast upgrading and transformation movement in the whole domestic traditional industry, and the era of industrial interconnection has therefore come. The Internet + era has changed people's way of life. It is easy to complete without leaving home, regardless of clothing, food, housing and transportation. It also plays the original traditional office mode. Under the wave of mobile Internet, mobile office is the most elegant

the lifestyle is affected by the contact surface of the requirements, and the working style can be changed. For enterprise field personnel management, such as in the manufacturing of underbody components, it is also a headache for the management. For example, why do they go out so frequently every day, and the feedback of work results is not very ideal. Is it difficult for them to deliberately find a coffee shop or a material store after spa and magnetic powder are mixed, and go to the tea room to play and have fun. It is also a major pain point for enterprises. For the lack of corresponding feedback on field management, it is timely

now the post-90s occupy the core of the workplace, and they don't want to work in the traditional binding environment. Work efficiency is like an old scalper. Sometimes performance is like sailing against the current. If you don't advance, you will fall back. They can't see the qualitative change, and their thinking mode is very advanced, because they dare to try new things. It will also have an insight into the breakthrough point of market competition in the industry, grasp the needs of customers, and grasp the weaknesses of customers, so as to easily sell products

face is very important

q: young people take face into account in their work. Embarrassing revelations will make the cooperation collapse and cause customers to laugh. On the way to meet the customer, write down the customer's address and in the book, can't find it

a: in this regard, mobile office unified nailing can help you solve it. Through multi-party understanding, unified nailing can grasp the needs of enterprise users, schedule check-in, work reminder, role assignment, clear rights and responsibilities at a glance

data is very important

q: on the way of business trip, supervisors need weekly work reports! Sales data! Customer information! At this time, you are extremely anxious. I don't have a computer around. How can I send it

a: in this regard, mobile office unified Dingdang helps you solve this problem, associate the CRM system, realize the perfect synchronization between the mobile terminal and the PC, and Asia will surpass the Americas and leap to the second end. At the same time, you can enjoy multiple services, work weekly reports and sales behavior statistics from quantity to quality, and a Dingdang app can be easily done

records are very important

q: Hey, what's this? What did the customer say just now? Where? Where? How can the scheme be further improved and need to be modified and optimized

a: for this, the mobile office unified nailing bell helps you solve it. At the same time, the conference function provides a convenient way for multiple people to communicate, which can save call records and recordings in real time. So that you won't forget every demand and service detail of customers, Dingdang app will automatically help you classify the one click correlation of call records, meetings and schedules. Easy and time-saving, check at any time

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