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Nantong blue calico has passed the national landmark product evaluation

recently, Nantong blue calico successfully passed the technical evaluation of geographical indication protection products of the General Administration of quality supervision, inspection and Quarantine of the people's Republic of China, which indicates that Nantong blue calico is expected to become the fifth nationally recognized geographical indication protection product in our city after Yangtze River fugu, Haimen goat meat, lvsihai jellyfish and Langshan Chicken

then, what are geographical indication protection products? What advantages can blue calico gain after obtaining this recognition? Why can Nantong blue calico pass this review

geographical indication protection can improve the intrinsic value of products

geographical indication protection products refer to products produced in a specific region, whose quality, reputation or other characteristics essentially depend on the natural and human factors of the origin, and which are named after geographical names after examination and approval. Geographical indications are also a kind of intellectual property because they are used to identify products originating in a certain region. For this review, the local government shall declare local characteristic products to the AQSIQ. After passing the review, you can get the honor of geographical indication protection products. Nantong blue calico passed the evaluation of geographical indication protection products this time, because it has a long history, has a long history, has distinctive Nantong local characteristics and high historical and cultural connotation, and meets the requirements of selecting geographical indication protection products. Therefore, all relevant units: passed the evaluation

after Nantong blue calico officially obtains the product of geographical indication protection, it will obtain the intellectual property protection of the product. No product in other regions can be registered or sold under the name of Nantong blue calico. At the same time, the geographical indication protection products recognized by China have also been widely recognized internationally, which can improve the international popularity and is of great benefit to the development, internal value and cultural heritage of Nantong blue calico

the development of Nantong blue printed fabric has gained new momentum

as geographical indications have been widely recognized in the international market, products with geographical indications can usually become increasingly popular in the market, which can bring a lot of impetus to the development of products themselves and local regions. At present, the head of Jiangsu Zhongyang group, a major breeding enterprise with the right to use geographical indications and the largest Yangtze River puffer breeding base in the world in Nantong administrative region, is deeply impressed. After obtaining the certification of national geographical indication protection products, its annual output of puffer fish is 2000 tons, the output value reaches 230million yuan, and the daily sales volume has doubled compared with that before winning the bid. The three transportation routes of water, land and air are busy, and the products are sold all over the country, Japan, South Korea and other countries

Nantong blue calico has passed the review of geographical indication protection products this time, which will undoubtedly be of great help to the display of Nantong cultural characteristics, the improvement of its popularity and the recognition of citizens. A person in charge of Nantong Bureau of Quality Supervision said that after the selection, Nantong blue calico will be of great help to better protect Nantong's characteristic cultural products and better let them develop and continue. The person in charge also said that most of the products that can be protected by geographical indications in China are mainly food. This time, Nantong blue printed cloth was selected in the form of handicrafts, which further reflects its rare significance and value

in recent years, Nantong quality supervision department has taken the protection of geographical indication products as an important measure to promote famous, special and high-quality products to domestic and foreign markets, carry out standardization strategy and brand strategy. It has not only screened products with local characteristics, but also established Nantong geographical indication resource bank to provide basis and reference for the next step of geographical indication protection

with regard to the issue of whether the price of blue printed cloth protected by geographical indications will rise in the future, the person in charge said that the products can greatly increase the attention of the international community. It is a great honor for enterprises to obtain geographical indication protection, and the increase is the intrinsic value of products rather than the actual cost. In the past, most enterprises in our city who obtained this honor did not raise the price of products for this reason, It is believed that Nantong blue calico will not increase its price in future sales


Blue Calico the beautiful business card of Nantong culture

Blue Calico plays an important role in China's traditional folk printing and dyeing. Since the Ming and Qing Dynasties, blue calico, as the main household necessities in Nantong, has been spread to modern times. In the early 1980s, with the efforts and support of many parties, the traditional technology of Nantong blue calico was excavated and promoted, which further promoted the inheritance and development of traditional culture. The development of technology and products in China's experimental machine industry can basically meet the needs of the domestic market

with the national attention to folk traditional crafts, the printing and dyeing technology of Nantong blue printed cloth was approved by the State Council and listed as the first batch of national intangible cultural heritage by the Ministry of culture in 2006. Since then, the popularity of Nantong blue printed cloth has continuously increased. Modern Nantong blue calico Series 1 denier machine barrel reaches this temperature, and products also frequently appear in major arts and crafts fairs and trade fairs across the country. Up to now, the people of Nantong attach great importance to and love blue calico, which is regarded as a treasure and the first choice for many people to give to their relatives and friends

with the support and promotion of our city's cultural construction and development, blue calico has become a beautiful business card for Nantong's cultural tour, and the increasing number of tourist groups year by year has not only promoted the economic benefits of blue calico, but also become the largest disseminator of blue calico skills and culture

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