Calculation formula of geometric dimension of the

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Geometric dimension calculation formula of ratchet mechanism

name symbol calculation formula modulus M ρ= πm1、1.5、2、2.5、3、3. Since only one direction is required, 5, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 10,

12, 14, 16, 18, 20mm ratchet tooth height h is generally taken as h=0.75m ratchet tooth top thickness a is generally taken as a = m ratchet tooth top circle diameter dada=mz ratchet root circle diameter dfdf=da-2h=da-1.5m ratchet tooth slot included angle θθ= 60o or θ= 55o (depending on the angle of the milling cutter) the fillet radius r of the ratchet groove is generally taken as r=14. Polysulfone has passed the relevant specifications in the field of medicine and food in the United States 5mm ratchet thickness B cast steel b=1 mm; Forged steel b=1 ~ 2mm pawl working length ll=2p=2 π m pawl height h1m ≤ 2.5, h1=h+ (2 ~ 3) mm; When m=3 ~ 5, h1= (1.2 ~ 1.7) m, the fillet radius R1 of the tip of the pawl is generally r1=2mm, and the length of the pawl bottom a1a1= (0.8 ~ 1) m

ratchet wheel marking diagram


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