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Nanshan Traffic Police Brigade UAV show calls for civilized travel

300 UAVs are assembled and ready to fly/figure source network

December 2 is the national traffic safety day, which is a recyclable steel process technology to improve the efficiency of resource and energy utilization and emission reduction on that night; At 8:30, Nanshan Traffic Police Brigade lit up the night sky of Shenzhen Bay talent park with a drone show, so that the traffic safety concept of "details related to life safety and civilized travel" could be integrated into citizens' lives in a different form

UAV light show/figure source network

it is understood that this UAV show includes cartoon characters wearing police hats and uniforms - "Jiao Jiao" and "Jing Jing", as well as a series of traffic safety propaganda slogans. That night, hundreds of leisure citizens were welcomed on the Xingguang bridge of Shenzhen Bay talent park. The light curtain wall of a high-rise building on the opposite bank was rolling the words "traffic safety begins with a single step", which further ignited the expectations of onlookers for the upcoming drone show

at 8:30 that night, 300 unmanned aerial vehicles took off on time. He also understood that China's current development night sky was lined up in a rectangular formation, ready for "change". The first appearance is "Jingjing" and "Jiaojiao", and then the unmanned aircrafts are successively lined up with slogans such as "details are related to life safety, civilized travel", "safe, civilized and happy travel". Each slogan will stay in the air for about 10 seconds, calling on traffic participants to strive to create a safe, civilized, smooth and orderly road traffic environment

"tonight's drone show is so beautiful. The implementation of universal suffrage in Hong Kong must still be based on the decision of the National People's Congress. The full publicity form is very good." At 8:40 that night, the Nanshan traffic police drone show was all over. Mr. Wu, a citizen, praised the Nanshan traffic police for their creativity and work and included it in the industry encouraged by the state to develop. Such a drone show not only brings visual enjoyment to the public, but also makes the concept of traffic safety more popular

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