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Nanxun: focus on improving the core competitiveness of the industry and build a "city of wood industry"

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in the production plant of Huzhou Shiyou door industry Co., Ltd., recently, the dust in the woodworking workshop was centrally recycled; Because of the use of low volatile water-based paint, there is no pungent smell in the paint room, and the clean appearance is no longer the wood industry enterprise in the traditional impression

Located in the central hinterland of the Yangtze River Delta urban agglomeration, Nanxun district is one of the important gathering places of China's wood industry. In recent years, Nanxun district has seriously implemented the strategic deployment of strengthening the quality of the province, deeply implemented the quality improvement action of 100 characteristic industries in the province, and explored the high-quality development path of the wood industry. Here I want to emphasize the goal of green ecological industry and the construction path of safety and health projects in the plastic processing industry, and achieved remarkable results

in view of the current situation that there are few leading enterprises in Nanxun wood industry, the high cutting-edge strength is weak, and most enterprises have not yet established a sound management system and management methods, Nanxun District focuses on cultivating a number of enterprises with advanced management system, perfect quality system and one seat in the high-end field in the way of "driven by model enterprises", guides the wood enterprises in the whole district to carry out quality improvement actions, and promotes the innovation of quality management mode. Up to now, 12 companies have introduced excellent performance management models, and 3 companies have introduced advanced quality management methods such as 5S management, and 35 companies have passed ISO9001 and other quality management system certification, by meshing the motor, internal combustion engine, or other high-speed power through the gear on the input shaft of the reducer with the large gear on the output shaft

in 2018, Nanxun took the lead in passing the acceptance of the national wood flooring quality improvement demonstration zone in the province, becoming the only national wood flooring product quality improvement demonstration zone in Zhejiang Province. In 2020, Nanxun wood industry was approved to improve the quality of 100 characteristic industries in the province. At present, one enterprise of Nanxun wood industry has won the provincial government quality award and two enterprises have won the municipal government quality award. As a key supporting enterprise in Nanxun District, Zhejiang Shiyou wood industry has won many honors such as "Asian Quality Excellence Award" and "national quality benchmark", but compared with the cost of plunger pump, it has added many reputations

the industrial advantage is reflected in the "voice" of the standard. The district encourages and supports enterprises to participate in the formulation and revision of wood related international and national standards. Since 2017, wood flooring enterprises in the region have participated in the preparation and revision of 2 international standards and 24 national standards

technology research and development has led to quality improvement. In recent three years, the market share of high-tech products of Nanxun wood flooring has been more than 66.3%

Nanxun District lists the industrial economy "made in Zhejiang" brand as the only regional public sub brand of the "shuijingjing Nanxun" urban brand. Guide enterprises to actively apply for "made in Zhejiang", registered trademarks and other brand building. At present, the district has successfully cultivated 17 "pinzibiao" enterprises, 118 reassuring factories, and has four "Chinese well-known trademarks"

at the same time, the district has always adhered to the green development path and supported enterprises to strive for green products. Both Zhejiang Shiyou Wood Industry Co., Ltd. and Jiusheng Flooring Co., Ltd. are national green factories, national green supply chain management demonstration enterprises, and national green product certification "three green" enterprises. In addition, enterprises attach great importance to the preparation of green standards and take the initiative to seize the voice of the green flooring industry. Zhejiang Shiyou Wood Industry Co., Ltd. and Jiusheng Flooring Co., Ltd. have participated in the preparation of five green national standards, such as "green product evaluation of wood-based panels and wood flooring"

next, Nanxun district will continue to focus on the goal of building a "city of wood industry", focus on improving industrial innovation, core competitiveness and brand influence, fully implement the quality standard brand strategy in the wood industry, innovate high-quality development mode, form a new path of quality improvement with "standardization, science and technology, branding" as the main tone, and accelerate the construction of Nanxun "city of wood" industrial agglomeration 3 High precision: adopt high-precision ball screw transmission area

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