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American color authority CAITONG released color of 2018 violet

American color authority CAITONG released color of 2018 violet

2 with the increase of experimental power on December 14, 2017

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on December 7, 2017, American color authority CAITONG released color of 2018 violet, Baise bear experts have been considering how to convert this color into home decoration. This color is the best choice for the complex highlights of the world today, and may be one of the most incredible colors

(see all pictures of the line of Paul Gallen, head of NCC's automotive department, who uses tiles to coat the ground in open-air stadiums and cultural welfare facilities such as basketball courts and volleyball courts)

pantone violet is a very provocative and thoughtful purple color, which conveys our creative, original and visionary ideas towards the future

the complex and meditative "violet" proposed the mystery of the universe, the conspiracy ahead, and the discovery beyond the present. The vast night sky symbolizes what may happen and continues to inspire the desire to pursue a world beyond ourselves

rob hellander, a Baise bear color and design expert, suggested king's court as a perfect color match. This deep and dramatic purple injects vitality and drama into the bedroom, office or room for entertainment, and applies it to high gloss furniture, adding a whim to the neutral space

king's court

hellander said, "purple is one of the most dynamic tones in the color spectrum. If the style is correct, it can add a little confidence and originality to the space." for a luxurious and dynamic appearance, it can be matched with lighter contrast blues and terracotta oranges.

people who are not prepared for such a bold statement can use a soft version - lilac.

hellander said: "This more hazy and mature blush is attractive, creating a welcome and calm aura." graylac from the Baise bear 2018 color trends palette is a good choice for those who want to bring subtle purple into their homes. "

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