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Where is the first smart supervision platform for waste classification in Nanshan District, Shenzhen? Difficult to record patrol data? Lack of participation enthusiasm of supervisors? Now there are solutions to these garbage classification problems by opening the oil return valve in Nanshan. On March 26, the smart supervision platform for waste classification in Nanshan District, Shenzhen - "e Du" applet was officially launched. This is the first intelligent supervision platform for waste classification in Shenzhen, which uses "Internet +" to clamp the upper jaw to solve daily management problems such as domestic waste classification and reduction

open "e Du" to see that the platform has modules such as map point finding, out patrol, supervision ranking, classification honor list, system analysis and so on, each with highlights. The inspection section has the functions of situation supervision, publicity supervision and so on. During the inspection, the staff can upload the inspection of community classification work, clock in time, place and various garbage classification by themselves; In the classification honor list module, residents can be encouraged to participate in daily waste classification, so as to enhance residents' recognition and participation enthusiasm. According to the classification and centralized delivery of domestic waste in residential areas/urban villages, the platform can avoid various tasks of the supervision of the idling point, and the activity phase can be changed in sequence. Three levels of supervision, including administrator, team leader and supervisor, are set up to be mainly responsible for the classification and delivery point of waste, patrol inspection, division of labor, supervision and other work contents, forming a unified supervision mechanism standard

"through the quantification and statistical analysis of background data, managers can understand the real-time situation of staff supervision, the work implementation progress of property and collection and transportation enterprises in real time, as well as the residents' participation rate and accuracy rate." According to the relevant person in charge of Nanshan District waste classification management center, the launch of the platform makes the supervision of waste classification more standardized and promotes the supervision of waste classification, collection and transportation to operate more effectively

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