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Nanyang Technology metallized film project was put into operation

on June 7, Nanyang Technology (002389) raised and invested project with an annual output of 2500 tons of ultra-thin high temperature resistant metallized film was successfully put into operation. It is expected that when the project reaches the production capacity in 2012, the company will add 2500 tons of ultra-thin (below 6 microns) high temperature resistant metallized film annually. This year, the project will be able to release 30% of the production capacity

the above project is an investment project funded by Nanyang Technology's initial public offering of a shares, with a total investment of 164 million yuan. The launch of the project will further consolidate Nanyang Technology's position as the leading supplier of electronic films for high-end capacitors in China. Nanyang Technology's total annual production capacity of electronic films will exceed 12000 tons. As the only domestic provider and service provider of gradient wear-resistant system solutions for metal components, Zhongwu Hongyu has become the largest capacitor manufacturer with millions of tiny spheres in China, Its scale is also in the forefront of the world. Nanyang Technology said that in the first half of this year, the company's orders grew strongly, and the strong market demand made the company's old production capacity only meet 50% - 60% of the order demand

Shao Yutian, chairman of Nanyang Technology, said that the company has established a development strategy for high-end membrane industry and will take high-end membrane as the core business development direction to build a high-end membrane industry system

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