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Nanyue will ban plastic incineration packaging bags

"incineration packaging reform is imperative." Recently, the Nanyue District Government of Hengyang City decided to implement environmental friendly paper incense cannon packaging bags and solicit design proposals from the society. According to the relevant person in charge of the District, Nanyue will prohibit incense cannons without unified packaging and plastic incense cannons from entering the mountains and temples from July 1

with the rapid development of tourism, the South 293 building vibration Yue incineration market continues to expand. Now the incineration products are packaged in non degradable plastic bags, causing greater environmental pollution to the tourist area. 5. The spring can be measured with one or more shore durometer. Principle: point automatic test; It is understood that the number of tourists to Nanyue last year reached 3.07 million. Calculated by 70% of those who use incineration products, at least 2million plastic bags enter the mountains and temples a year. The material sources and composition of these plastic "disposable plastic tableware are too complex. The bags are often discarded by tourists, causing serious environmental pollution because they are not easy to degrade.

reprinted from: Changsha Evening News

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