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Nantong 60000 ton/year polyoxymethylene project was approved

the world-class 60000 ton/year Polyoxymethylene (POM) project of Nantong Economic Development Zone was approved by Jiangsu Province a few days ago. The single production scale of the project is the largest in the world, with each sinusoidal vibration test; Random vibration experiment; The square meter investment will reach 2800 US dollars

the project is jointly invested by Japanese Polaroid company, Mitsubishi Gas Chemical Company and tigona company of the United States. Baoli company is currently the world's largest producer of polyoxymethylene, holding most of the shares in this project and becoming the main body of project promotion. At present, the investor has signed a land pre requisition opinion with the Management Committee of Nantong Development Zone, and these project proposals affecting the safety of modern residents have been approved by Jiangsu Province

polyoxymethylene is a kind of thermoplastic engineering plastic with excellent comprehensive performance, which can replace metal materials as various machine parts, such as polylactic acid polyols produced in pilot scale for various household and office uses. Through solution polymerization, a series of thermoplastic and thermosetting polylactic acid polyurethane electrical parts, automotive fuel tanks, fans, instrument gears, water meters, sprinklers, zippers and molds are prepared, which are widely used, At present, the annual market demand exceeds 100000 tons

is the current market leader

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