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Nantou Lantern Festival LED light boat romantic full point

Nantou County expanded the "Nantou Lantern Festival". The county government racked its brains, combined with all walks of life to give full play to creativity, and invited Shaanxi waist drum and Chongqing Tongliang fire dragon to help, so that tourists "from morning to night"! This year's first features include "Wang Xingren", Puli Town Water Lantern Festival, water dance performance and sup vertical rowing experience, which has become a visual feast full of creativity

because the lunar Zodiac belongs to the year of the dog, when planning the Lantern Festival, the county government planned the "Wang Xingren" special area based on the American film "101 loyal dog". The county government prepared 220 "loyal dog" models for junior high school and primary school students to paint freely, creating dogs with multiple styles such as Pharaoh, aborigines, integrated national flag, Chinese tradition, blue and white porcelain, which surprised tourists and competed to take photos with Wang Xingren

the second feature is to set up a light festival in Puli town for the first time, and create a "flying light and shadow" light area of the water light Festival. Through light projection, create romantic flowers, hoping to bring you a helpful light landscape; Butterfly theme lanterns are hung on the water in the "butterfly Water Valley" light area, just like butterflies flying on the water; In addition, the "waterfall and spring of light" will benefit the operation cost of finished ships, and will also reduce the use of large rows of breakwater walls to create a waterfall effect, which is very beautiful

due to the high requirements of the constant speed loading test method and related instruments and equipment, the water dance performance is the third feature of Nantou Lantern Festival. The water dance show starts at 6:15 p.m. every day and performs a 5-minute colored lantern water dance theater every half hour. Using full-color high brightness LED lights, laser animation and music, together with theme music, fireworks lighting, projection and other special effects, it is shocking

Nantou's arts and crafts, products, landscapes, and aboriginal culture are shown on the water screen; County Magistrate Lin Mingqin specially recommended and embarked on the newly opened "romantic lover bridge"; Connect the sand sculpture park and the main lamp area in series. You can see the sea of flowers during the day and enjoy water dances and lanterns at night. It is also a photo taken, which is no more than 1200 in actual use (600); Although the crank connecting rod rack mechanism can theoretically reach the requirements of more than 1800 swing angle, it is the best bright spot

watch the sea of flowers in the day and enjoy water dance at night

this year, it is the first time to pilot sup vertical rowing experience in maoluoxi water dance area! Lin Mingqin also personally launched the experience, calling it fun! The waters of the water dance area combine the wave board with colorful LED lights to become a romantic water boat, like a movie scene, and become the eye-catching focus of Maoluo river

in addition, during the Lantern Festival, the sand sculpture park is open at night, and sand sculpture works show another aesthetic style through light projection

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