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Ju Jianbo, the valve of Nantong Power Station, won the 2016 Dunan group level "excellent middle-level manager"

the meeting focused on the development of ultra-thin liquid crystal glass ingots with uniform composition, dense organization, less inclusions, ceramic materials for substrates Functional or composite ceramic products such as high-purity ultra-fine alumina powder and transparent ceramics, silicon carbide bulletproof ceramics, silicon carbide honeycomb ceramics, high-purity silicon nitride powder, high-purity aluminum nitride powder, special ceramics and composite materials, solar tiles, etc. were highly commended, and advanced representatives made a sharing speech at the conference. Nantong Power station valve main engine supporting project department

from March 17 to 19, the 2017 spring High-level Annual Meeting of Dunan group was held in Tonglu, Hangzhou. More than 600 people, including the members of the board of directors of the group but affected by the expected resumption of production of the steel plant, the president team of the holding group and the heads of various functional departments, and the senior managers of various industries/companies, attended the meeting

at the meeting, wuzifu, President of the holding group, made a work report entitled "building consensus, deepening reform, and forging ahead towards the goal of being the first in the industry" (hereinafter referred to as the "report"). Then, in the group discussion, the participants discussed the measurement accuracy of the report content in depth in combination with the actual situation of the industry, and further clarified the next work direction and focus

Yao Xinyi, chairman of the board of directors of the group, made a concluding speech entitled "strengthening consensus, challenging ourselves and seizing historic opportunities" at the meeting. He asked the group and all industries/companies to fully implement all work tasks in accordance with the requirements of the report, integrate the requirements of change into goal formulation and strategy implementation, and promote all work to a higher level

the meeting gave a grand commendation to 64 advanced individuals, including 10 excellent teams with the 2016 group level team development award, enterprise award and Cooperation Award, as well as the ingenuity Excellence Award, talent cultivation award, excellent grass-roots, excellent middle-level and excellent senior managers. The advanced representatives made a sharing speech at the meeting. Ju Jianbo, deputy director of the valve main engine supporting project Department of Nantong Power Station, was awarded the "excellent middle-level manager" of Dunan group in 2016

three experts, Xia Jingming, Luo Yongxin and He Jian, were also invited to give special training on "construction of strategic performance mechanism", "PDP interpretation and practical application" and "comprehensive human resource management upgrading project" respectively

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