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Personalized printing management

personalized management is a management mode that takes standardized management as the foundation, differentiated management as the core, and effectively realizes the management objectives by stimulating the internal passion of employees

there are two objectives of personalized management:

(1) management objective

achieve the basic goal of increasing enterprise profits and reducing enterprise costs through personalized management

(2) personalized goal

through personalized management, meet the internal needs of the majority of employees, so as to achieve the maximum satisfaction of employees' work, so that the output power of employees can be used to balance the amplitude attenuation caused by the damping effect of the system, and truly feel the fun of work

personalized management has two preconditions: one is to do a good job in the transformation of management functions, and the other is to implement quantitative index assessment and control

1) do a good job in the transformation of management functions

there should be a clear distinction between what managers should and should not manage; This distinction is dynamic and is specifically defined by the different requirements of employees in different periods of time. Formulate institutionalized basic rules, confirm the collective agreement of different employee groups and carry out effective supervision. Managers abandon the consistent practice of directly intervening in routine affairs and focus on doing the work that makes employees willing and able to do well. On this basis, they formulate rules and confirm personalized standards. Implement effective and timely monitoring

2) implement quantitative index assessment and control

for printing enterprises, direct production personnel have quantitative assessment indicators, while management and auxiliary personnel have more qualitative assessment indicators and less quantitative assessment indicators. The result of qualitative assessment of a manager is: well done. Whether it is good or not, if so, to what extent, this indicator can not explain the problem. If the quantitative assessment, for example, the profit contribution rate, market share, the increase of employee income growth rate, the cost reduction rate, the reduction rate of employees' actual working hours and the reduction of invalid working hours, the assessment can compare the true level, see the true quality, stimulate the true power and form the true resultant force

P> the process of formulating and implementing the standard and personalized reward program is the process of making and implementing the standard and personalized management program

1) formulate rules

enterprise rules include the following contents: General rules - Rules necessary for the survival and development of enterprises, including reducing costs and increasing profits; Supportive rules are divided into what employees need and what employees hate. The relationship between the above rules is: General rules are the premise and basis for the realization of supporting rules, supporting rules are the specific guarantee for the realization of general rules, the rules needed by employees are the driving force for the realization of general rules, and the rules not needed by employees are the strong resistance to the realization of general rules. It must be institutionalized and guaranteed by the corresponding sub-system and grandson system

2) problems are obvious

problems are the restraining force restricting the development of enterprises, and the timely resolution of problems is the driving force for the development of enterprises. To solve the problem, we must first limit the conditions to expose the problem. For example, under the existing production conditions, we can obtain the maximum profit in a certain period of time with the least manpower, the shortest time and the lowest cost. After the conditions are limited, various hidden problems can be fully exposed by comparing the implementation results with the limited conditions; Secondly, the exposed problems must flow up to the problem center in a certain form and channel, so that the problem center can carry out specific analysis and negotiation

3) provide personalized solutions to problems

for the exposed problems that need to be solved, provide a variety of feasible and personalized solutions on the basis of equal consultation and full participation, select personnel, time, materials and environmental support, and the scheme maker is responsible for the implementation, supervision, evaluation and acquisition of relevant data. The expert group standardizes the range of useful data on the basis of cost-benefit analysis, Determine personalized application data for different machines and units

4) standardized operation of parameters and conscious process control

each unit must implement standardized operation for its personalized application data. In the process of operation, it is not allowed to go its own way. New problems should be reported in time. The whole operation process should have standards, rules and units agreed in advance for process control

5) the proposal and implementation of the reward

scheme and the acquisition of relevant parameters will be repeated in this process. The expenditure of expenses and the loss of materials are normal, which should not be blamed. What people do is to carefully and thoughtful demonstrate the personalized solution and specify the necessary preventive measures. If personalized solutions do solve certain practical problems and produce corresponding economic benefits, we should reward them to encourage bold innovation, so that the goal of personalized management can be truly implemented

there are several ways to realize personalized management: flexible working system; Regular job rotation; Optimize labor mix; Various interest groups are widely established in the enterprise, especially QC group and work safety committee

1) flexible working system

defines the total amount of work in a certain period of time, and the employees adjust the working hours according to their actual situation, which can undoubtedly stimulate the enthusiasm of employees to work actively

2) regular job rotation

the orderly flow of capital will increase value, and the normal flow of personnel will produce efficiency and benefits. Regular job rotation can not only stimulate the enthusiasm of employees; At the same time, it can also improve the work skills of employees. Therefore, it is undoubtedly an inevitable choice to achieve the goal of personalized management to meet the internal needs of the majority of employees and implement the regular and orderly flow of jobs, so as to revitalize the employees' work enthusiasm and improve their work skills

3) optimize labor mix

optimize labor mix regularly to make people who are willing to get along work together. In this way, employees can put themselves into work in a better psychological state

4) various interest groups are widely established in the enterprise, especially the establishment of QC group and safety technology production committee

QC group and safety technology production committee are the product of the combination of technical backbone and management experts in the enterprise, The key problem to be solved is "How to do it, how to achieve the best quality and maximum benefit with great fire risk in the shortest time with the least consumption? The establishment and operation will play a positive role in solving technical and management problems, improving product quality, building new standardized parameters, supervising work flow and promoting standardized production.

it can be seen that the implementation of the first three personalized management can stimulate the work enthusiasm of employees to the greatest extent and improve efficiency Their job satisfaction is conducive to the realization of personalized goals; The construction and operation of QC team and safety technology production committee can provide the best solution to achieve the goal - to solve the problem of how to do, which can lay a solid foundation for the realization of management objectives

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