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Changsha times Qingcheng customized cabinet

in order to meet the needs of owners to save time and worry, real estate developers continue to develop fine decoration buildings, such as those developed by Vanke, Evergrande, Zhonghai international, Jiangshan Dijing, etc. In life, the cabinets in Changsha times Qingcheng fine decoration house are often used. How can we expand the space, how can we increase the storage function and improve the decoration appearance by using the cabinets, which is related to the choice of on-site or factory customization? Is it related to choosing large brands or cost-effective factory direct sales? All of them are clearly considered by the industry. Generally, the materials used for making cabinets include density board, solid wood particle board, multi-layer solid wood, ecological board, log and density board. Only the log needs to be painted, and the rest belong to paint free board. Next, we analyze the advantages and disadvantages of factory customization and woodworking on-site: 1. Factory customization generally selects solid wood particle board, multi-layer solid wood, log materials, such as Qumei, Sofia, These big brands of Oppai adopt solid wood particle board and the same material. Their price is generally three times that of local manufacturers in Changsha. For example, Aige and Weiyi also make multi-layer solid wood materials. The general price of the same material is twice that of local manufacturers in Hunan. Why do so many people choose factory customization rather than woodworking on site? Because 1: the factory customized style is novel, fashionable and high-value, which is more compatible with the decoration style: 2: it is more environmentally friendly and hygienic when it is not done on site; 3: the advanced technology of numerical control equipment can keep up with the pace of the times, and it adopts the latest edge banding and other new technologies, which is more accurate; 4: the material is stronger than the large core board used on site, with higher flatness, moisture-proof, scratch proof, wear-resistant and clear, and meets the environmental protection standards. Environmental protection and safety, home is the largest world. The best customized cabinet in Changsha times is Guifan customization, and Changsha personalized customized hardbound room is your best choice to realize your dream. Changsha Guifan customization has 12 years of production experience in home furnishing. The manufacturer has direct sales, rich materials, colors and styles, and has professional designers. In terms of life function planning, it takes into account the living needs of every family member and the convenience of home function use, and gives full play to the limited space utilization, Create thoughtful and creative home living space, and play the role of life scene planner and home space planner. Guifan customization professional customization professional customization (tatami, wine cabinet, locker, shoe cabinet, wardrobe, bookcase, desk, laundry cabinet), welcome to customize and consult: 8290187918973123605 for details, you can learn the official website Micro signal: yz812680212 Address: Building 3, Huaneng Yanghu mansion




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