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Penglai pine has tall and straight stems and green branches, which is one of people's favorite household green plants. Many people choose Penglai pine for household green plant planting. What is the specific breeding method of Penglai pine

Penglai pine is one of the favorite household green plants. Many people choose Penglai pine in the planting of household green plants. The specific breeding methods of Penglai pine are as follows:

basic information of Penglai pine:

asparagus myrioeladus, also known as Hydrangea, hydropine, pine asparagus, pine asparagus, etc., which is a perennial shrub of Asparagus in the lily family, The plant is erect, 30-mdash high; 60cm, with white hypertrophic fleshy roots, slender twigs, short pine needles like leaves, clustered into clusters, very similar to five needle pine leaves, flowering from July to August, the flowers are light red to white, fragrant

cultivation method of Penglai pine:

1. Soil: Penglai pine can adapt to a variety of soils, but it is not resistant to salt and alkali. It is better to use deep, moist, loose and slightly acidic sandy loam. It is best to use matured pastoral soil and saprophytic soil for potting, mixed with an appropriate amount of sandy soil

2. Sunshine: Penglai is loose and likes a warm and humid environment, but it is afraid of strong light. In summer, it should be properly shaded to prevent sunlight exposure, so as to avoid burning or yellowing of branches and leaves. In winter, if it is cold, it needs plenty of sunshine

3. Temperature: the optimum temperature for the growth of ponceau is 20-mdash; 30 ℃, overwintering temperature is 3 ℃. When the high temperature exceeds 35 ℃ in summer, the growth will stop, and the leaves will turn yellow. Penglai pine has strong cold resistance, and it can survive the winter safely if the temperature is not lower than 5 ℃

4. Moisture: spring and summer are the peak growth season of fluffy, and sufficient moisture is required, but it is not suitable to let the basin soil accumulate water to avoid root rot; After the end of autumn, the amount of water should be gradually reduced to keep the basin soil slightly wet

5. Fertilizer: penglaisong is in the growth period in spring and summer. In order to make the branches and leaves grow luxuriantly, we should pay attention to supplement nutrients. We should apply fertilizer every half a month, mainly nitrogen and potassium

6. Insect pests: there are fewer pests and diseases in penglaisong, but there will also be leaf blight hazards. Spray it with 1000 times of 50% carbendazim wettable powder. If there are whiteflies and scale insects, spray it with 1000 times of 40% oxydong fruit milk

Penglai pine has regular plant shape, upright and firm branches, spherical clumps of leaves and soft quality, which is of great appreciation value, so it is deeply loved by people. Penglai pine was selected in the home layout of green plants, so the breeding environment of Penglai pine needs attention. The above is the breeding method of Penglai pine compiled by Xiaobian for you, hoping to help you

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