See how diatom mud makes a textured home

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Diatom mud texture technology is a texture map made of diatom mud, which has rich patterns, beautiful and generous, and can't be tired of seeing it. Next, let's see how diatom mud can make a textured home


the unique texture and texture of fabric, combined with the elegance of diatom mud, makes the whole room instantly unique and has a strong sense of space

pottery pattern

the texture of pottery pattern is rough and neat, and the small-area decoration of TV background wall enriches the decorative effect and adds the charm of life

brick art

brick art technology makes the home space lively, simple and simple, and the unique artistic temperament of home decoration also shows incisively and vividly


natural toulun texture, abstract graphics of different sizes, freely arranged on the wall, highlighting simplicity and personality

wire drawing

wire drawing seems simple, but the real one contains great delicacy. The use of the bedside background wall not only shows the thick layered sense of the wall, but also creates a simple, lively, fashionable and generous home atmosphere

the unique primitive and natural flavor of the handmade texture of haiikea diatom mud makes the whole home space colorful and unique. Make the home decoration environment that originally contained rich simplicity, simplicity and beauty more simple and vivid, and make people feel comfortable from the heart

choose IKEA diatom mud and rest assured! Suitable for life




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