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Why does arcfox lead the breakthrough of China's new energy automobile industry? Upward "breaking the boundary

" Dapeng rises with the wind one day and soars up to 90000 miles! "

this is a description of the current development of the Chinese market, which will be a rather slow start. In 2018, including, the total sales volume of has exceeded 1.2 million. Among them, the sales volume of new energy was 993000, a year-on-year increase of 90.4%

vigorous development is the style and hope shown by the market. We have observed that at present, many consumers not only accept this category, but also prefer this category when buying new cars

more and more new energy vehicles are driving on the road

however, the new energy vehicles currently on sale in China can be basically classified into two categories: part of them come from "changing oil to electricity", that is, changing from fuel vehicles to new energy vehicles, and even the appearance and interior upholstery have not been changed, which is not born on a real pure tram production platform; One part is the new models manufactured by the new forces of car manufacturing through OEM, and their quality and after-sales must face the market test

with the economic take-off, a large number of young elites in China have risen rapidly. Some of them have advanced thinking, are keen on environmental protection, pursue low-carbon life, and hope to purchase high-quality and intelligent high-end vehicles for daily transportation. Therefore, it is urgent for China to make independent progress! It is this kind of attempt that is carried out in the brand that shines brightly

the brand was officially released in China for the first time.

since its successful appearance, the discussion about the brand has been increasing. People are eager to see the world-class high-end style

"you can only succeed after a thousand calls and a hundred turns and a thousand turns!"

on the evening of April 14, the high-end smart brands of the group and blue valley 600733 will hold a brand night activity with the theme of "born to break the boundary" in the Expo Park. At that time, the first official release of the brand in China will be completed, the brand proposition and design will be fully explained, and a new technology platform will be released for the first time to show the leading technical strength

it is revealed that this brand night will first show the cultural secret of the Arctic, the birthplace of the brand's inspiration. This side is full of unknown creative realm, without boundary, extreme and pure; The light of science and technology warmed by the Muse penetrates the boundary layer by layer, talks with explorers with changing light and shadow, and guides them forward fearlessly. And this is the brand displayed by the brand - born to break the boundary! The theme core of "born to break the boundary" will resonate with domestic consumers from this moment

in fact, "breaking the boundaries" is not only limited to the industrial field, but also applicable to any level! 100 years ago, Einstein "broke through" the boundary of classical physics, put forward the extraordinary general theory of relativity, and successfully predicted the existence of "black holes". Recently, scientists finally took pictures of black holes with the event horizon telescope. It has to be admitted that the great Einstein had the extraordinary wisdom of "breaking the boundary by birth"

at the brand night on April 14, sculpture artist Xia hang, musician Bai Xiaomo, global explorers zhangxinyu and Lianghong who are keen to challenge the limits, and Zhang Yichi, the actor of Li 11 in wandering the earth, will all share their experiences of "breaking the boundaries" in their career journey. At that time, the wedging effect of 2) fulcrum composed of brands, partners and opinion leaders: when the beam is under load, the cross-border creator alliance will jointly open the road of breaking the boundary by unloading the oil collector. No one wants to miss such a creative activity! Wait for the live broadcast

in addition, the brand will also bring new users. Their machines are very sophisticated. What kind of experience is this? It's really worth looking forward to

will bring a number of heavy information to the beach

as we discussed earlier, the Chinese market is in urgent need of intelligent models made purely on the platform, and the transition model of "changing oil to electricity" alone cannot meet people's needs

it is understood that a new technology platform will be released in the upcoming brand night to convey the core value of "people-oriented technology" that the brand adheres to

of course, since it is a world-class high-end brand, since it can appear in the same hall with, and other brands, and since it wants to "break the world by birth" and "make a splash", the brand's "high-end circle of friends" is naturally extraordinary. It is understood that in this brand night, partners represented by MB tech, Magna and Huawei will make an appearance together to make an in-depth interpretation from the aspects of R & D and verification system, standard guarantee of industrial 4.0 manufacturing system, software and hardware, chip, 5g, intelligent communication interconnection application technology, etc. This is how we are born! Do you want to know what these "big guys" will say? It will be revealed in 2 days

in addition to the new technology platform and the most high-end technology partner, the high-value, high-performance and high intelligent models that will not disappoint consumers will also appear on the scene! Its brand-new models -gt track version, -gt Street version and the first family ECF concept not only show the charm of models leading the era of 2.0, but also make us look forward to future travel modes

among them, -gt was born in the group's high-performance vehicle R & D center in Spain, and has passed the certification of European Union professional institutions. It takes only 2.59 seconds to accelerate 100 kilometers. What level is this? At present, there are only a dozen super models in the world that can accelerate within three seconds after 100 kilometers. The familiar ones are,,, and. It needs top-level technical support to achieve such rapid acceleration. Fortunately, it already has

in addition, the ECF concept equipped with an intelligent cockpit is 2900mm, which can meet all consumers' fantasies about the luxury of top-level new energy

ECF concept can identify users in various ways and conduct in-depth intelligent interaction; It is worth mentioning that the future mass production model of ECF concept is L3 level high-quality intelligence, which is in a leading position among the models of the same level in terms of vehicle performance, on-board interconnection, automatic driving technology application, etc


when the "real" photos of the black hole were released, billions of people around the world cheered and excited! This seemingly "fuzzy" patchwork photo was "developed" by the world's top scientists after more than two years using eight millimeter/submillimeter wave radio telescopes. In fact, what people really lament is that more than 100 years ago, on the basis of such backward science, Einstein proved the existence of black holes only by mathematical formulas, and Einstein's spirit of "breaking the boundary and moving forward" is the most worthy for all to learn

now, China's industry has entered a high-speed development era of accelerated integration of electrification and intelligent integration, and the industry urgently needs "boundary breakers" to lead the way! The birth of the brand makes it possible to break the challenge of the era of bureau 2.0! Now we only hope that the prelude of the brand night will begin, and we hope that our models will meet with consumers as soon as possible

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