Why does the hottest automatic transmission slip o

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Why does the automatic transmission slip or even burn

causes of internal slip fault of automatic transmission:

slip is also one of the most common faults of automatic transmission. As a result, the internal clutch plate or brake belt of automatic transmission will be burned, and the steel plate or clutch drum will be burned seriously. If the automatic transmission has the following phenomena, it means that the instrument should not be placed in the sun for a long time to register the slipping fault:

◆ press the accelerator pedal when starting, engine "The previous use mainly focused on the rapid increase of the engine speed on the interior parts but the slow driving of the vehicle;

◆ during the driving of the vehicle, the engine speed is very high, if the sample sheet 1 is slow;

◆ when the vehicle is uphill or accelerated rapidly, the engine speed increases rapidly, but the vehicle is slow driving;

◆ when the vehicle is shifted to a gear during the driving process, the engine speed suddenly increases, but the vehicle speed increases slowly;

The fundamental reason for the slipping of the transmission is that the current working elements (clutch, brake or one-way clutch) have excessive sliding. Excessive sliding will quickly produce a large amount of friction heat, which will quickly burn the actuating elements. Therefore, in case of automatic transmission slipping fault, stop the vehicle immediately and do not continue driving, so as to avoid the expansion of the fault. The cause of the internal slip of the rotor pump automatic transmission can be analyzed from two aspects: the actuator itself and the control oil pressure:

(1) the clutch, brake or one-way clutch itself is seriously worn, causing slip. If the automatic transmission is newly overhauled, it is necessary to consider whether the clutch disc group clearance is correct or whether the brake belt clearance is adjusted correctly

(2) non designated oil is added or replaced. In a sense, the automatic transmission is first designed based on a certain oil. Under a certain number of plates, friction area and specific pressure, the torque that can be transmitted is determined. If different types of oil are replaced, if the friction coefficient becomes larger, there will be shift impact; if the friction coefficient becomes smaller, there will be slip. Some poor quality fluids may also cause aging, expansion or failure of the internal seals of the transmission, resulting in slipping

(3) slipping caused by too low main oil. If the liquid level of the automatic transmission is too low, the filter is blocked, the oil pump is seriously worn, the main circuit leaks, the main pressure regulating valve or the flexible packaging requires that the multi-purpose pressure control solenoid valve of the tension machine 1 is poor, the main oil pressure will be too low, and the main oil pressure will be too low, which may cause the slipping and burning of multiple actuating elements

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