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Bayer Material Technology: why to participate in the "sunshine power" project in March, 2010, Bayer Material Technology became the official partner of the "sunshine power" project - just a few months later, the "sunshine power" HB-SIA solar aircraft completed its first test flight over Switzerland. Following the successful flight of "sunshine power" to Belgium and France in 2011, it successfully landed in Spain and Morocco this year

a team of about 30 scientific researchers is working hard in Bayer materials technology's laboratory to develop innovative lightweight structures and energy efficiency solutions. The "sunshine power" aircraft adopts the most innovative and best materials: the cockpit and structural components adopt the material solutions of Bayer materials technology, including the cockpit coating, the engine hood and the polyurethane foam of the wing. The aircraft structure is made of sandwich composite material, and the honeycomb structure or foam core material is covered with epoxy resin impregnated and cured carbon layer

ultra lightweight materials

"when you understand our research focus, you will easily find that lightweight is the most important characteristic of our materials in this project," said martinkreuter, project leader of Bayer materials technology. "For example, our polyurethane foam used in the engine compartment and pilot cabin can meet all the important properties required: excellent thermal insulation makes this ultra lightweight material an ideal choice."

Bayer lightweight materials are also used in the windows of the pilot Cabin: "the windows are made of Bayer polycarbonate Makrolon double-layer film composites with high transparency," said Dr. berndrothe, chief engineer of the project. "This solution ensures that the windshield of the pilot's cabin is light and highly protective." Protection and safety are an important factor of the project, especially the extreme temperature fluctuation of -50 ℃ to +40 ℃, high air humidity, strong sunlight and other different meteorological conditions that the "sunshine power" aircraft needs to face. These factors can not only test the stress limit of the aircraft, but also make the pilot protection materials essential. In view of this, some parts of the aircraft are coated with Bayer's special film: This is a layer of polyurethane adhesive used to protect materials

another area that Bayer researchers are working on is nanotechnology, which may be the key factor determining the success or failure of the project. This is especially true for developing innovative material solutions with lower energy consumption and lighter weight. "To make wings and other composite components super lightweight, we used carbon nanotubes (CNTs)." Martinkreuter said. "Because the unique mechanical properties of carbon nanotubes can make the structure of carbon composites lighter, the treatment of waste plastic particles will become a hot topic in the future. We will carry out special research and development to apply it to epoxy resin matrix."

as a part of the solution

"sunshine power" can be the proof of Bayer's major breakthrough in material technology, because this project reflects Bayer's mission statement that "technology creates beauty and his important task is to live according to the established plan". This means that research has brought about changes, and its antioxidant capacity has been improved to make life better and more progressive. At the same time, it is also a good example to prove that the chemical industry is no longer a problem industry. The chemical industry can also play an active role in helping mankind cope with future challenges

Bayer materials technology, together with "sunshine power", aims to develop customized high-performance lightweight materials and test them. In the next generation aircraft model powered by solar energy, the proportion of Bayer materials used will increase significantly. Bayer materials technology cooperates closely with the engineers of sunshine power to jointly study technical solutions. Berndrothe said: "the project is a challenge, but its degree of freedom is much higher than that of industrial projects - open communication and regular meetings are the key."

about Bayer Material Technology:

Bayer Material Technology is one of the largest polymer production companies in the world, with a sales revenue of 10.8 billion euros in 2011. The business scope of the company mainly focuses on manufacturing high-tech polymer materials and developing innovative solutions in many fields of daily life. The industries the company serves mainly include: automobile industry, electrical and electronic industry, construction industry, sports and leisure industry. By the end of 2011, Bayer materials technology had 30 production bases around the world with about 14800 employees. Bayer materials technology belongs to Bayer Group

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