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Why is it that the renewable energy quota system is always so noisy

recently, the news from the press conference of the National Energy Administration said that although the country has achieved remarkable results in solving the problem of renewable energy consumption, in terms of the total amount of wind and light waste, the base of more than 20billion kwh still exceeds the national power consumption of some countries for more than half a year

how to solve it? The government's thinking is very clear. At the end of last year, the national development and Reform Commission issued the implementation plan for solving the problem of water, wind and light abandonment, which proposed to effectively solve the problem of water, wind and light abandonment nationwide by 2020. One of the most important is to implement the quota system management of renewable energy; In March this year, the National Energy Administration issued the renewable energy power quota and assessment measures (Exposure Draft) (hereinafter referred to as "exposure draft"), which for the first time defined the total renewable energy power quota index, non hydropower renewable energy quota index 1, the first and relevant assessment measures for each province in 2018 and 2020

in this regard, Tao Ye, deputy director of the renewable energy development center of the Energy Research Institute of the national development and Reform Commission, said that after the introduction of the quota system, it will play an important role in solving the problem of abandoning wind and light. At present, the quota system policy is still being studied and formulated, and social opinions will be solicited again before it is officially announced and implemented

strive to change the problem of

renewable energy consumption has long attracted the attention of all parties, and the voice for the introduction of the quota system as soon as possible is also growing. Wuhan Iron and Steel Co., Ltd., chairman of Xinjiang Goldwind Technology Co., Ltd., said publicly: "it is suggested that the relevant national departments should introduce the assessment management measures for the mandatory quota system of renewable energy as soon as possible. In addition to clarifying the obligations of the assessment subjects, it is also necessary to support the legally binding punishment and reward mechanisms. Provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities) should be formulated The target of the proportion of renewable energy power generation in the total electricity consumption combines the quota system with China's proportion of international commitments. "

not only enterprises but also government departments and relevant experts and scholars have heard the voice of the quota system. They believe that the quota system will play a vital role in solving the consumption of renewable energy

Li Peng, deputy director of the new and renewable energy department of the national energy administration, believed last year that the problems of abandoning wind, light and water and insufficient subsidies in the development of new energy were rooted in the mismatch between the current support policy system and the actual needs of industrial development. The implementation of the quota system is an important starting point for mobilizing and urging all relevant parties in the energy field to promote energy transformation. Compared with the benchmark electricity price policy, the renewable energy quota assessment and green certificate trading system are more direct and controllable to the renewable energy development goals, and all parties are more clear. By controlling the proportion of various renewable energy certificates, we can flexibly guide the development of different types of renewable energy. The quota system shifts the key incentive objects from the power generation side to the consumption side, and effectively solves the problem of "reconstruction and light use" of new energy without working sound. Moreover, the quota system can greatly stimulate the subjective initiative of market players and effectively solve the problems of subsidy standards and withdrawal

taoye also said that after the introduction of the quota system, it will play an important role in solving the problem of discarding wind and light, and relieve the demand pressure of renewable energy development on the protective net renewable energy development fund of the national concrete pressure testing machine to a certain extent

ten years of gestation

China's quota system was formally put forward in 2009. Since then, after many public solicitations, it has always lacked the most critical "one touch" at the door. The difficulty of implementing the quota system lies largely in the game between the relevant stakeholders. Linboqiang, Dean of the Energy Policy Research Institute of Xiamen University, said in an interview with this newspaper that the reason why the quota system policy is difficult to implement is that there is a game between the local and central governments. Local governments hope that the lower the assessment indicators given by the state, the better, because the implementation of the quota system requires more costs

in taoye's view, the difficulties in introducing the quota system lie in three aspects. First, it covers a wide range. Renewable energy power quota system includes renewable energy power generation, transmission, distribution and utilization; Second, there are many subjects of quota obligations. All kinds of power selling companies (including power selling departments of power companies) and all power consumers and other groups need to jointly perform quota obligations. All provincial governments should also undertake the implementation of regional quotas, and power enterprises should also undertake the organization and implementation of regional quotas; Third, policy objectives need to overcome difficulties. At present, the two bottleneck constraints of renewable energy power are insufficient market consumption and subsidy funds. The primary policy objective of renewable energy power quota system is to promote the solution of the problem of renewable energy power market consumption

compared with previous policies, the draft for comments issued in March this year finally gave people a glimmer of hope. The quota indicators of each province have clear and specific figures, giving the provincial government the authority to force amortization of the quota implementation scheme when the market mechanism cannot guarantee the full utilization of renewable energy power; There are clear disciplinary measures. In addition to suspending or reducing the construction scale of fossil energy power supply in the region and canceling the qualification of the region to apply for demonstration projects, those who fail to complete the task will also be included in the credit disciplinary measures. In the process of soliciting opinions on the quota system, due to the unresolved subsidy problem, the quota system carrying a variety of goals is actually moving forward with a heavy load

it is understood that the basic conditions have been met for the introduction of the quota system. All that remains is the fine-tuning of the details in the consultation. The quota system will eventually be ripe. As linboqiang said, "only in the process of actual implementation of the quota system can we know whether there are problems in policy formulation and what aspects of the problems, and then we can make adjustments. At present, the most critical thing is to introduce the quota system as soon as possible."

achieve a win-win situation

if we say that the quota system is an indicator measurement system for energy transformation and has administrative force. Then, the green power certificate (hereinafter referred to as "green certificate") is the supporting policy of the quota system, and it is also one of the means for all kinds of subjects to complete the quota obligations. Using the quota system to solve the problem of insufficient funds for consumption and subsidies also needs to cooperate with the relevant green card policies. The two can be said to complement each other. The assessment subject can complete the quota assessment obligation by purchasing certificates, and can also complete the quota assessment obligation by establishing new energy power generation projects for self use

the subsidy funds can be partially replaced by the green card transaction funds. The greatest advantage is to reduce the pressure on the capital expenditure of the renewable energy development fund, and various market entities can spontaneously distribute the benefits according to the requirements of energy transformation

taoye said that the quota system and green card system will be important incentive policy tools in the post subsidy era of renewable energy. If the new renewable energy power generation projects no longer enjoy the fixed electricity price policy, the renewable energy power certificate mechanism will be further connected with the renewable energy price and subsidy mechanism in the future

linboqiang believes that green card and quota system should be used together. The existence of green card is to provide market flexibility for the development of renewable energy

in the future, after the introduction of the quota system, the sales of green certificates will become "just needed". Unable to meet the assessment means 4. the relevant units whose papers are in the electronic version (word format) need to complete the consumption task by purchasing green certificates. The combination of the two can not only solve the consumption problem, but also solve the problem of insufficient subsidy funds. Wangsicheng, a researcher at the Energy Research Institute of the national development and Reform Commission, calculated an account, "If the green certificate + compulsory quota system is implemented, based on the national power demand of 6trillion kWh and coal-fired thermal power of 4trillion kwh each year, if the 15% green power quota is implemented, there will be 600billion kwh of green power every year. The price of the green certificate per kWh is 0.2 yuan, which can be levied 120billion yuan per year. If the compulsory quota is 10%, it can also be levied 80billion yuan per year."

in addition, the price fluctuation of green card trading will also effectively control the pace of development. Li Peng once said that with a large installed capacity of renewable energy and excess supply of green certificates, the price of renewable energy will fall, and people's willingness to invest in the next year will be reduced. This avoids the contradiction between the artificially set development goals and annual indicators based on varieties and the actual demand, and also ensures the minimum total cost of the system

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