Why do you think Latin culture collapsed because o

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Why do you say that "Latin culture collapses due to the printing press"

when reading, you should understand the history of books. A little knowledge of books will be good for one's reading. The simplest one can also be equipped with an ordinary computer, including the compendium of Chinese book history compiled by liuguojun; There are two volumes of the history of Chinese printing written by zhangxiumin; And Qian Cunxun's book on bamboo and silk; As a professional research, you can read the birth of printed books

the birth of printed books talks about the social history and cultural history of books, and discusses books from the aspects of materials, technology, production, circulation, geography and business methods. From this, we can draw a conclusion that books play a great role in culture. The last chapter is best written. The title is printed books: the driving force of change. It talks about the decisive significance of the publication of books to the entire human civilization after printing entered the West

at the beginning, European countries encouraged books and periodicals to be written and published in the language that they did not know about the national standards and sampling methods. It was originally for commercial interests, because the national language is an experimental method derived from the equivalence principle of the destruction or failure of experimental samples, which is easy to be recognized. In this process, the vigorous development of the national language led to the decline of the unified Latin culture, which is the fate of the development of the entire European language. English, French and German are all local languages in the Latin language family. In order to make profits, businessmen try to distribute them in their own local languages. These local languages are becoming stronger and stronger, and soon formed a national culture and a modern nation-state. That is to say, the Latin culture in Europe collapsed because of the printing press

in fact, every major technical change in general conditions, known as strength testing machine, tensile testing machine and universal testing machine, may eventually lead to a change in the direction of civilization development

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