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With the arrival of grain in ear, all regions have ushered in a busy wheat harvest season in the year. And precisely because there are such a group of people, farmers no longer need to mobilize the whole family to harvest from morning to night; It is precisely because of this group of people that the villagers no longer have to wave their sickles on the bare baked earth under the red sun; Also because there are such a group of people, as long as the villagers stand in the fields and talk about their conversation, the golden sea of wheat will become neat stubble in the twinkling of an eye. These people are the "promoters of the golden coastline" -- "mechanical Mack"

with the development of the whole process mechanization of agriculture, "traditional Maike" has gradually faded out of people's vision. Every summer, in addition to the farmers who need to harvest grain, the busiest one is the "mechanical wheat man" - the agricultural mechanic who drives a modern harvester. With these capable mechanics working in the wheat field, it only takes more than 20 minutes to harvest each mu of land, and threshing and loading are all completed at one time, which not only greatly accelerates the progress of wheat harvest, but also expedites the rapid development of specialized harvest households

"good operation skills, naturally a lot of orders"

"although it rained in Handan two days ago, which caused a lot of wheat to fall down in the field, with our technology, the harvest is absolutely not including the problems of upstream and downstream derivatives manufacturers!" In a large wheat field waiting to be harvested in Cheng'an County, Hebei Province, the machinist zhangyueyue stood in front of his machine and said confidently, "look, I have reduced the height of the header in a small fallen land in front of me. I can harvest it after the machine is driven."

"In fact, there is a great deal of knowledge about harvesting! For horizontally fallen wheat, generally, harvesting is started from the lodging direction, which can ensure complete separation of wheat grains, feed them smoothly, and reduce the loss of wheat grains caused by header collision with wheat ears; for vertically fallen wheat, it is generally harvested from the lodging direction, but the reverse harvest requires empty vehicles to return, which will reduce the operation efficiency; when the crop lodging is not very serious and is in the semi lodging state, we will start from both ends Two way harvesting. " Zhang Yueyue said

yuanruixiang, from tianshuizhuang village, Quzhou County, Hebei Province, is an old mechanic. He has been driving for nearly ten years and is not worried about orders at all. "After so many years of harvesting crops, I have known the machine thoroughly. I can see at a glance how the crops are and how they should be harvested. I know the corresponding header height, drum speed and driving speed in my mind." Lao yuan proudly said, "our orders are oriented. Not only the customers in the province, but also the customers outside the province have been looking for us to do a few jobs, and they will also introduce other jobs to us. It is no problem for an old robot like us to collect 160-180 Mu a day. Relying on our creativity and R & D strength, it is not only fast but also guaranteed the harvest quality. You can ask casually. The customers in charge of me say they are satisfied!"

On June 6, wangjiangmin, a mechanic from houpeili village, Quzhou County, Hebei Province, had just returned from cross regional operation in Henan Province, and the next day he was engaged in wheat harvest work in surrounding villages. "A dozen pilots in our village set out for Hubei in the middle of May, and from the south to the north, they went to Henan without stopping. They started working again yesterday. When the harvest in the province is over, we have to go to Inner Mongolia right away!" "To tell the truth," said the dark skinned Xiao Wang, "cross district is really tired. We haven't had a good rest for more than ten days in a row. The wheat harvest can't be delayed for so few days."

"in the past two years, I worked in other places, but I didn't feel I could make much money. I happened to have a few acres of land at home, so I simply came back to buy a machine as a machine operator. In recent years, I went out across the region to face the waterproof coiled material production enterprise. How can I make a net profit of tens of thousands of yuan? Last year, I bought a new harvester, and this year, I can recover the car cost when I come back across the region!" Zhang Yueyue, who had just finished collecting a piece of land, jumped down from his new machine and said happily that this was already his fourth car. "There are few families in our village who can afford four cars. Now my family is also a 'machine rich' family! Although I am tired of being a machine operator, I earn a lot, and I am happy."

yuanruixiang has participated in cross region operation for six years. Talking about this year's cross region operation, he could not help grinning happily when he just returned: "I started cross region operation in 2012. Generally, a car can earn 20000 or 30000 yuan. This year, my car has earned 50000 or 60000 yuan!"

"according to statistics, as of last month, more than 1600 cross regional work machines and tools, such as combine harvesters, were sent to Jingmen City, Xiangfan Laohekou City, Pingyu, Zhumadian, Henan Province, Lushan County, Pingdingshan City and other cities and counties in Hubei Province. The completed work area was about 1.1 million mu, and the machine operator income reached more than 35 million yuan." Laoma, a staff member of Handan Agricultural Machinery Bureau, told me

"walk happily and return safely"

on May 24, under the Chonghua gate of Quzhou County, colorful flags were flying and the sound of the machine was rumbling. More than 130 "Maike" in Quzhou, Qiuxian, Jize, Guantao, Yongnian and other surrounding counties held a swearing in meeting, opening the curtain of cross regional operation in the south. On June 6, the "Mack army" smoothly returned to Hebei and began the machine harvesting work in the province

dangjianjun, director of Quzhou Agricultural Machinery Bureau, said: "In order to do a good job in this year's trans regional operation, Quzhou has made careful arrangements, and the Bureau of agricultural machinery has made careful preparations since April. First, we went to Hubei, Henan, Shandong, Inner Mongolia and other places for on-the-spot investigation, communicated with local agricultural machinery departments, and then arranged the machines ready to go out. We also set up a special agricultural machinery service team to provide full support to the locomotives participating in the" three summer "operation and the trans regional operation of wheat harvester The maintenance department conducted an overhaul to ensure that the operator was on the road safely and safely. "

"Before departure, the staff of the supervision office conducted a strict inspection on our vehicles, and conducted three strict trainings on the safety awareness of the manipulator, the technology of lodging wheat harvester and the local safety requirements. The staff of the County Agricultural Machinery Bureau and the traffic police brigade also explained to us the knowledge of agricultural machinery operation and traffic laws and regulations, and distributed relevant publicity materials. During the whole process of southward cross region operation, the County Agricultural Machinery Bureau organized a cross region operation The industry service team has carried out the whole process tracking service, and kept abreast of the details of each locomotive through communication platforms, so as to solve the problems encountered in our operation, and ensure that everyone goes out happily and goes home safely! " Old yuan, the pilot, is also a member of the trans regional "Mack army"

according to the staff of Handan Agricultural Mechanization office, the first stop of this year's trans regional operation is Dengzhou City, Henan Province, and then all the way north through the area of Yicheng County, Luohe City into Hebei. After participating in the Hebei wheat harvest operation, continue to go north along the Qinghai Lanzhou Expressway into Qingdao, Tianjin and other places in Shandong, and finally to Inner Mongolia. The journey is more than 1500 kilometers, and the operation time lasts nearly one month. The city has organized 15 counties and 17 trans regional machine harvesting teams, including Quzhou County, Feixiang County and Cheng'an County, and issued more than 2000 trans regional operation certificates, more than 300 outgoing bulk machines, a total of more than 2300 outgoing locomotives, and went to 17 counties in 6 cities of Hubei and Henan and 3 regions in northern Hebei Province for trans regional machine harvesting of wheat

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