Why does the hottest car shake after driving for a

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Why does the car shake after driving for a long time

1. More carbon deposits in the engine; Dirty throttle valve or excessive carbon deposition on fuel injection nozzle are the most likely reasons for vehicle jitter. When starting the car, the fuel on the carbon deposit will be sucked into the cylinder by the engine for combustion. Since the amount of combustible gas mixture of the engine is high and low, the car body will shake during cold start. Usually, as long as the throttle and other oil circuits are cleaned on time, this problem will not occur

2. Ignition system fault: This is also an important reason for body shaking at idle speed. If there is a problem with the spark plug, high-voltage wire and ignition coil, the car body will shake when starting the car. At this time, you can check whether there is too much carbon deposit in the spark plug. If necessary, you can also store the hardness of your library PC from shore a hardness 20 to 75. Is it enough? Hurry up if you want to stock up! Replace the spark plug with a new one

3. Unstable oil pressure; If the value of the air inlet pressure sensor is inaccurate after the oil pump oil supply pressure is abnormal, it will also cause vibration and avoid affecting the service life of the machine components. At this time, you can check the oil pressure. If it needs to be replaced, it should be replaced in time

II. Jitter during driving

1. Tire problem

(1) wheel rim out of round; Usually, if the tire is strongly impacted, the rim will be out of round. In particular, some flat tires are more prone to this problem. If the wheel rim is out of round, it is almost impossible to restore it to its original state. For your own safety, it is better to replace the wheel hub

(2) tire imbalance; Some car owners do not have the habit of dynamic balancing when replacing new tires, so the steering wheel will shake when the car is running at high speed. Usually just go to do a tire dynamic balance

(3) tire deformation; If you touch the tread area of a tire with your hand, and you feel that the tread is jagged, or that a tire has a prominent bulge, the tire will be deformed after the accuracy of the testing machine is found. In general, if the tire is pierced by a sharp object, there will also be abnormal noise and shaking

(4) the ball head of the steering gear tie rod is excessively worn; The ball joint of the steering gear tie rod is movable, so it is inevitable that it will be worn; However, if the wear is excessive, the steering will be inaccurate and the tires will shake when driving at high speed

(5) the fixed rubber bushing of steering gear is worn; Usually, this kind of problem will not happen, but it is better to check it just in case. This kind of problem is easy to find, as long as you observe it a little. If the steering wheel fixing rubber bushing is worn, the steering wheel will shake when turning the steering wheel

2. Transmission shaft deformation

if the vehicle collides or rubs hard substances, such as road teeth and stones, the transmission shaft screws may become loose or even fall off. If there is a problem with the transmission shaft, the jitter will be more obvious when the car accelerates

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