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Why is it worth investing more than 5 million yuan in exterior wall decoration in two years?

why is it worth investing more than 5 million yuan in exterior wall decoration in two years?

October 27, 2014

[China paint information] recently, a resident of dongchengwan village, Hengshanqiao town reported to us that the village Committee is preparing to invest more than 5 million yuan to repaint the exterior walls of the whole village, The exterior wall has just been painted for two years. The villagers doubt that the village committee is taking advantage of large-scale projects to make money. What is the truth? Look at the survey

on the morning of October 21, I went to dongchengwan village and found that there were all four storey apartments in the same color. The whole community looked clean and tidy, but I saw two obvious colors on the outer wall of the house. Residents told that it was only 2 years after their house was built that the transaction price of heavy waste including tax in Fujian market was more than 1490 (1) 650 yuan/ton, but the external walls have been repaired several times in succession. So the village committee proposed to repaint. "Some people say that the paint is not well done, so they should do it again. Others say that this house is a patched house, which is not good-looking on the whole."

some residents were puzzled by the decision of the village committee. The exterior wall, which is still within the five-year warranty period, should not be guaranteed by the engineering team? Why should the village committee spend money again? To this end, wuwenfei, director of dongchengwan village committee, was found. He told: "Our community was built in January, 2012, and people moved in in May. At that time, it was done according to the requirements of our construction department to solve the problem of Neo trademark on the packaging. It is heat-insulating paint and heat-resistant heat-insulating paint. In the past few years, people have reflected that there is water seepage. Our village wants to consider the long-term, make a waterproof paint, and want to have flexible waterproof paint. It is ready for public bidding this year."

according to Director Wu, when making exterior wall coating, the project team suggested the village committee to purchase and add a kind of waterproof putty. However, in order to control the cost, the village committee did not adopt it. As a result, residents have reported that there is water leakage and seepage. Although the project team is responsible for the maintenance, the traces of repair have affected the overall beauty. Therefore, the village committee decided to add waterproof putty to the coating for exterior wall painting. "It is estimated that it will be a little more than four million yuan, which will be partly borne by our village committee and town government, partly by the construction team, and partly by three departments."

wuwenfei said that it should be replaced. The whole process of the exterior wall painting project is open. He always welcomes the supervision and inspection of relevant departments

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