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Why e-commerce and packaging enterprises "hate each other"

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core tip: e-commerce promotes the development of the express industry and also brings business opportunities to the paper industry. However, the demand for packaging cartons has not been transformed into the supply of the paper products industry, and the industrial chain has not been activated

[China Packaging News] e-commerce promotes the development of the express industry and also brings business opportunities to the paper industry. However, the demand for packaging cartons has not been transformed into the supply of the paper products industry, and the industrial chain has not been activated

e-commerce promotes the development of the express industry and also brings business opportunities to the paper industry. Does the paper making and paper products industry in Sichuan feel warm because of the strong demand for packaging cartons? However, the demand for packaging cartons has not been transformed into the supply of the paper products industry, and the industrial chain has not been activated. The upstream and downstream of the paper products industry have different degrees of troubles

e-commerce has troubles

zhaohailing, an e-commerce celebrity in Qingchuan County, gets angry when he mentions the packaging carton. Which is not customer first in e-commerce? The first impression of customers is the packaging carton. Zhaohailing said that most e-commerce companies customize the packaging of their own goods, and have high requirements on the appearance and quality of packaging cartons. We even have to design different specifications and styles of packaging cartons according to different product categories. The effect of this batch of packaging cartons is not good, and the next batch will be redesigned

the paper products factory just doesn't understand why we have so many requirements. Zhaohailing said that the cost of communication is huge

wangshujuan is one of the Bellringers of Alibaba's listing in the United States. With the expansion of her store, she also had the same troubles as zhaohailing

at the beginning, we wanted to find large-scale and famous paper products enterprises, but we didn't expect them to take our orders at all. Wangshujuan said that they asked us to place at least tens of thousands of orders per specification. Even if a box costs more than 1 yuan and so many cartons come at one time, how much financial pressure should there be? Where should I put it

after some twists and turns, wangshujuan understood that only small and medium-sized paper products factories are suitable for e-commerce. They will be recognized by the market and have a strong sense of service. Wangshujuan said that e-commerce also has requirements. First, paper products factories must have their own designers to facilitate the adjustment of pattern design at any time; There is also the need to have its own factory, so that it is flexible and convenient to rush to work in time

Hezejun, Secretary General of the provincial express Association, believes that with the development of the Internet economy, the ultimate user experience is the pursuit of all businesses, and this experience begins with packaging. At present, the Internet enterprises are doing better. The most high-end corrugated paper is selected as the packaging carton, and people will have no problem standing on it. This small batch, and the ultimate pursuit of quality and personalized customization, will become more and more intense, which is the general trend

paper products factory has troubles

Chengdu Wuhou Yongxiang packaging factory is the long-term partner finally selected by wangshujuan. The main customers of the factory in the past two years have shifted from traditional retailers to e-commerce. Chen Guo, the person in charge, said frankly that he was really not used to contacting e-commerce customers at the beginning. Each batch of orders only had a few thousand, and after they were used up, they had to change the design of the next batch. Sometimes they had to change the variety of cardboard

weiqigang, vice president of Sichuan Xinsheng Group Co., Ltd., directly said that they resolutely do not engage in e-commerce business. It's a headache. I have done it for one of the best e-commerce companies in the country before. It's too troublesome, not to mention small e-commerce companies. They only need thousands of cartons each time, so they can't do it! We have a large scale. Once the assembly line is opened, there are tens of thousands of boxes. If we only make thousands of boxes, we will certainly lose money. Weiqigang said that he is more willing to do business with Mengniu and Yili, and has established long-term and stable cooperative relations with them. It's really troublesome. A carton makes a few cents. Chen Guo said the same, but he was also keen to buy after 85. He realized that e-commerce cartons are a potential market, so he made up his mind to do it. To this end, Chen Guo also specially set up a 3-person design team, and the factory has also been transformed to a certain extent according to the needs of e-commerce customers

Chen Guo believes that he and his factory have actually experienced a process of gradual assimilation by e-commerce customers. Fortunately, I am also young. I understand these e-commerce methods, and gradually accept them. I will try my best to meet the needs of e-commerce customers

Chen Guo's personal feeling is that the number of paper products factories and packaging factories in Chengdu has increased in the past two years, but the needs of e-commerce customers have not been well met. Large paper product packaging factories basically do not accept e-commerce business. Many small and medium-sized paper product packaging factories can not keep up with the ideology or service ability, and do not carry out e-commerce business. What makes the paper factory hesitate is the cost. There are many special types of paper, which Sichuan does not have. The cost of purchasing from Guangdong and Fujian is too high. Chen Guo said

Li Tu, vice president of Sichuan Paper Industry Association, said that there is no doubt that e-commerce has brought new business opportunities and markets to paper product packaging factories. However, in order to find this pot of gold, we must improve our service capacity and earn value and profits through services. Many e-commerce customers, as long as you provide good service, the quality can also meet their needs. Even a little more expensive is acceptable

paper mills have troubles

the total output value of China's packaging industry is expected to exceed 1.5 trillion yuan in 2015. According to the prediction of the International Corrugated Box Association, as the largest branch of the packaging field, the corrugated box industry in the world will maintain a growth trend of 4% from 2013 to 2016, and the growth rate in China is expected to be 7% It is estimated that by 2017, nearly half of the global carton demand growth will come from the rapidly developing Chinese market

what can the rapidly expanding demand bring to the paper mill? Li Tu said that the paper industry in Sichuan Province has not benefited directly. The relevant person in charge of Yibin Paper Industry said that the situation of Sichuan paper industry is still not optimistic. As half of the province's paper industry, Yibin Paper industry is the only paper enterprise in Yibin, and its operation is in trouble

the list of 2015 national carton board output just released shows that Fujian ranks first with an annual output of 1.7111 million tons, while Sichuan is not among the top 10. This data is consistent with Chen Guo's feelings. Some special paper required by customers can not be found in Sichuan at all. We can only go to Fujian and Guangdong to purchase. The raw materials along the southeast coast have low prices and better quality. Only they can make some high-end packaging for tobacco and wine

according to Li Tu's analysis, the paper processing plant did not do a good job in e-commerce business, The paper demand of e-commerce is difficult to transmit. The global carbon fiber composite market is 941billion yen (at the current exchange rate, it is equivalent to about RMB 49billion. When the paper mills in the upper reaches are transferred to the paper mills, they will not change the product structure, and the paper processing plants can only purchase from the southeast coast.

the relevant person in charge of Yibin Paper Industry said that after investigation, they believe that the market in Sichuan and the surrounding areas is not large enough. At present, they only make a small amount of food packaging paper, and do not intend to enter the packaging board. The paper industry is capital intensive, and a production line is prone to RMB 500million -600million yuan is not affordable for ordinary companies

not only express packaging, but also the demand for niche paper is growing. For example, the express delivery sheet that must be handled when receiving and sending express is carbon free carbon paper; Valentine's Day is a very popular bouquet, which is also wrapped in special paper. The market of these varieties has increased significantly. Demand has not been transmitted to the supply side, which may be an important reason why Sichuan paper industry has not taken a share in the e-commerce feast. Said Li Tu

another look at troubles

the difficulties faced by the paper industry are not special. Liwenpu, director of the macroeconomic research center of Xiamen University, said that after 2010, China's consumer structure has undergone a new round of upgrading and transformation. However, the investment structure has not been significantly adjusted. As a result, the structure of investment and consumption demand is contradictory, making overcapacity and insufficient supply coexist at the same time. The paper industry is only a microcosm of this paradox

how can Sichuan's paper industry catch up with the tide of e-commerce? The prescription prescribed by the experts is Internet manufacturing The printing market shrank due to the change in the reading habits of the public. However, in the past two years, there has been a sudden rise in the popularity of books. Users can select a template on the, perform a few steps to complete the cover and content layout, and then pay the production fee, and they can quickly receive a private customized version of their own or friends At present, hundreds of cultural institutions undertake books, and the number of stores has already exceeded 1000. Due to the attribute of private customization, each book is expensive, and the profit of the production and printing enterprises is considerable

the demand for small batch and personalized packing cases is soaring. How can paper enterprises change in time? WuWeiPing, the founder of Chengdu Siping software company, pointed out the essence of the Internet manufacturing industry and produced personalized customized products with the cost and efficiency of mass production. This professional was the director of the global R & D service center of sap, the initiator of German industry 4.0

not long ago, Sichuan Province launched the Internet Sichuan manufacturing platform. Zhanghaiji, the general manager of its operation, said that you can imagine that if an e-commerce wants to buy a box in the future, it will pick up and open the app. This pattern has not changed. We will give you a better working environment, material, logo, etc. for the size and color of the box, and the system will automatically calculate the sales price. After the consumer places an order and pays, the system will transfer the demand to the raw material supplier. Accessories and raw materials are quickly transported to the production line, and the fully automated production line has a strong flexible function, which can carry out differentiated production according to the personalized data of each batch of packaging boxes. Through this process, e-commerce needs can be fully met through customization; The production enterprise can realize zero inventory, eliminate all channel costs, reduce the selling price and improve the profit at the same time

the future looks beautiful, but WuWeiPing reminded that there is still a long way to go. Because the real problem is that the degree of informatization of paper enterprises is insufficient. Finally, to realize the above picture, it is necessary to realize information management in production, sales, R & D, financial accounting and other links. For many traditional enterprises, it is almost equivalent to rebuilding factories

there is no way to talk about transformation and upgrading without deeply cultivating user needs. WuWeiPing said that as e-commerce has an increasingly strong demand for personalized and small batch cartons, it is bound to push up the market. Once the critical point is reached, carton enterprises that meet the characteristics of Internet manufacturing will appear. This will become the most vivid practice of supply side reform in the carton industry

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