The hottest polystyrene market improved

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Polystyrene market improved

with the continuous rise of the upstream styrene monomer market, the domestic polystyrene market also rebounded after February

after the Spring Festival, the domestic polystyrene market began to start. South China is the leader of the new round of rising market

Shortly after the festival, the three polystyrene manufacturers in the region raised the ex factory price by 200 ~ 400 yuan (ton price, the same below). Shantou Ocean Group general polystyrene quoted 8150 yuan in the Shenzhen market, which is still in short supply. The northern market also shows an upward trend, for example, the market price in Shandong has reached 7700 ~ 8400 yuan

however, the manufacturers in the north have lagged behind and have not raised their prices. With the rising prices of general polystyrene and

styrene monomers in South China, the price of general polystyrene in East China also began to rise

by late February, the domestic polystyrene market had swept away the decline before the festival, and the popularity was reunited. Downstream manufacturers resumed

Construction in succession, and the demand further increased, but customers increased foam granulator purchases enthusiastically. Domestic manufacturers' products have increased by 300 ~ 450 yuan. The increase in the South China market is still greater than that in East China. The quotation of general polystyrene of Shantou Ocean Group in the South China market has risen to 8330 yuan. After the price adjustment of production enterprises, the market price has risen, and the price in Shandong has reached 7750 ~ 8750

due to the recent shutdown and overhaul of several major styrene monomer manufacturers in Asia, the supply of styrene monomer market will be tightened in the future. In addition, with the impact of the holiday on the market in the past, the domestic market demand is expected to continue to increase, and the estimated styrene monomer price will further rise, which will provide strong support for the polystyrene market to continue to move steadily higher

at present, the ex factory price of each manufacturer: the quotation of general polystyrene of Shantou Ocean Group is 8250 yuan; Guangzhou Petrochemical General

the price of polystyrene was raised to 7800 yuan, and the price of high impact polystyrene was 7790 yuan; The price of Zhanjiang new Sino US general polystyrene is 7950 yuan; The ex factory price of general polystyrene of Beijing Yanshan Petrochemical Co., Ltd. is 8. By testing the strength, we can confirm whether the product reaches the strength grade production standard of 100 yuan

after the Spring Festival, the market became active. Although the purchasing enthusiasm of downstream manufacturers did not meet the expectations of traders, the demand of upstream

increased, and the purchasing was significantly more active than before the festival. At present, crude oil is still at a high price, and it is only a matter of time before the polystyrene market starts a new round of positive market stimulated by the tightening supply of styrene monomer in the future

factors supporting the rise in prices: first, affected by the rise in the price of styrene monomer in the United States, the styrene monomer market has significantly improved. Both buyers and sellers agree with the market rebound and its upward trend, resulting in the rapid rise in the price of styrene monomer market. Second, due to OPEC's production reduction, the international crude oil price is likely to rise again significantly, which greatly enhances the market confidence. Third, because the price of raw material styrene is not only easy to use, but also rebounded, Northeast Asian producers said that the spot price of polystyrene will likely be raised by another $20 to $50 recently

however, it is reported that this round of price rise has not brought about the activity of market end demand. Users can't accept the rapid rise in the price of

polystyrene for the time being and are generally in a wait-and-see state. Therefore, the actual trading volume is not

in addition, due to the large inventory in the early stage, some old resources are still sold at a lower price, which also puts pressure on the price rise

. Therefore, relevant people believe that whether the polystyrene market can really rise depends on the recent market operation

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