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Polyurethane and other projects settled in Liaoyang national aromatic industry base

on September 20, the Management Committee of Liaoyang high tech Industrial Development Zone, together with Evonik industrial group of Germany, Taiwan Liancheng Chemical Technology Co., Ltd., Linde Group of Germany, Air Liquide (China) Investment Co., Ltd. of France, feizhan Energy Co., Ltd. of South Korea, opened the software department of measurement and control system of experimental machines, as well as Wenzhou Huafeng Group, Sinochem Group Shandong Luqing group and other enterprises 7. Power supply: 220V 50Hz industry signed eight contracts. 4. How to measure the maximum bending moment of hydraulic universal testing machine? The total contract amount of the project investment and construction agreement exceeds 14billion yuan

eight construction projects with an annual output of 200000 tons of cyclohexanone and deep processing and high-end polyurethane series, dye and fine chemical products base, industrial gas center, and 400000 tons of C4 separation signed this time are mainstream product projects with leading technology. They have high scientific and technological content and close upstream and downstream connections, which can give full play to the industrial agglomeration advantages of aromatic hydrocarbon base. Among them, the fine chemical industrial park project invested and established by Evonik industries group is its second fine chemical product base in China; Taiwan Liancheng Chemical Technology Co., Ltd. invested US $300million to build the project with an annual output of 140000 tons of phthalic anhydride and 240000 tons of plasticizer. It is estimated that the annual output value is 5billion yuan and the profit and tax is 600million yuan after the project is completed

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