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Polyurethane coating technology

today's coating industry is becoming more and more huge and far-reaching. The types of coatings available for end users have been dizzying. For coating manufacturers, performance, appearance, protection, cost-effectiveness and environmental protection are only one aspect of dealing with end users and market strategies, and technology is what makes them really excited

polyurethane coating technology came into being as a coating solution technology, and was quickly accepted by most end markets. According to industry data, the polyurethane used in the coating industry in the United States in 2000 was about 542million pounds (1 pound =0.4536kg)

what makes polyurethane technology so popular? Every paint manufacturer and raw material supplier has different answers, but the final result is: versatility. Industry insiders generally believe that polyurethane can be used in almost all paint formulations

multifunctional because it can cure rapidly at low temperature, has excellent physical properties, and is convenient to apply. If the temperature is too high, stretching will burn the human body. Polyurethane is far more widely used in the coating process than other polymers. Polyurethane does not contain VOC, does not need to use complex coating system, and has excellent elasticity, short coating and curing time, which is relatively cheap and convenient to use. Through formulation, manufacturers can make polyurethane coating products have a variety of characteristics, such as primer suitable for curing in winter, 100% high solid elastic secondary lining, high content industrial coating, polished paint, high gloss paint and high solid/low VOC paint, which provide formula manufacturers with more choices. Polyurethane coating products can be made into solvent products or water-based products

high performance polyurethane coatings are generally regarded as high-performance coatings, with good chromaticity, strong light retention, corrosion resistance and chemical drugs, which surpass other types of products. Both solvent polyurethane and waterborne polyurethane are regarded as high-quality coating products. Corrosion resistance and durability are a major selling point of polyurethane coatings, which are mainly manifested in their superior performance of weathering, ultraviolet, acid corrosion and chemicals. For the terminal market, protection is always a very important factor. It is the superior durability of polyurethane that makes it an ideal product in the terminal market

according to the data of the American Petroleum organization, in 2000, the consumption of polyurethane coatings in the U.S. construction industry was 165million pounds, ranking first in the United States, most of which were used for the coating of wood floors and cement floors. Followed by the transportation industry, the consumption of polyurethane coatings in this industry was 162million pounds in 2000, and touch up paint is the most important application field. Due to the gradual prevalence of residential wood flooring, the annual growth rate of polyurethane coating consumption in the construction industry has reached 4.3%

new foreign markets

according to the data released by the American Petroleum organization, the consumption of polyurethane coatings in the oil storage tank and pipeline Market in 2000 was 4.8 million tons. Spraying polyurea coatings is the fastest-growing field in polyurethane technology, and this kind of coatings can be completely cured within a few hours after use. The 100% cured elastomer polyurethane market for secondary sealing has also begun to become a newly emerging small market. In addition, polyurethane is also used in radiation and UV curing coating systems

a hot topic often talked about by people in the soft coating industry is the demand for polyurethane in soft coatings. At present, the use of polyurethane in soft coatings has begun to grow, especially in the automotive industry. The emergence of polyurethane reduces the use of additives in production, makes soft coatings more cost competitive, and opens up a new way beyond traditional automotive coatings

another market where polyurethane technology has not been fully used in household coatings is the copper market, which is the base material of new copper alloy materials developed by Guoliang copper. The durability and cleanliness of polyurethane coating are not available in other coatings, but the price has become the main barrier for it to enter the household coating market. The coil coating market is considered to be one of the possible expansion fields of polyurethane. Its adaptability to low temperature, as well as the characteristics of anti shattering, anti-corrosion and anti chemicals, will benefit coil coatings a lot

at present, it is difficult to see polyurethane in some traditional markets. In the U.S. wood product coating market, nitrocellulose and conversion varnish still dominate. Isocyanate and cost may be the two main reasons why polyurethane technology has not been introduced into the field of wood product coating. Industry insiders have been trying to promote polyurethane, hoping to replace epoxy, acrylic and other polymers that dominate the market. Expanding to the market outside the traditional field is a very important strategy for polyurethane. The acceptance meeting of the "1025" National Science and technology support plan "research and development and utilization demonstration of energy-saving intelligent CNC plastic injection machine" project was held in Wuhan. Considering the price, some industrial users are still using epoxy or alkyd resin topcoat at present. In fact, the price difference between using double-layer alkyd paint and using epoxy primer/polyurethane topcoat is only 2 cents/square foot. The resistance that polyurethane needs to overcome is its original cost, but its outstanding performance and durability will make it extremely cost-effective

Both environmentally friendly and biodegradable

China has a wide variety of polyurethane coatings, which are widely used. According to the use classification, the main varieties are wood furniture paint, floor paint, automotive repair paint, polyurethane anti-corrosion paint, polyurethane special paint, etc. According to statistics in 2001, wood furniture and floor (floor) coatings account for more than 80% of polyurethane coatings. According to the classification of isocyanates used, they can be divided into aromatic polyurethane coatings and aliphatic polyurethane coatings. In addition to automotive touch up paint and other outdoor decorative coatings with high requirements, China is basically aromatic polyurethane coatings. According to the different classification of dispersion medium, it can be divided into solvent-based coating, solvent-free coating, water dispersion coating, powder coating, etc. Solvent based polyurethane coatings account for more than 90% of China's polyurethane coatings, and the latter two types of coatings are still in the stage of research and development

China is usually classified according to the main components of polyurethane coatings. Polyisocyanate/carboxyhydroxyl containing double combination coatings are widely used, accounting for more than 70% of the polyurethane coating market. Its curing agents are mainly TDI adducts, trimers, prepolymers and HDI biuret; The hydroxyl components are castor oil alkyd resin and hydroxyl containing acrylic resin, such as the so-called "Italian furniture paint" in the market. Most of them are polyurethane amine ester two-component systems. Dozens of manufacturers in Guangdong produce this kind of furniture paint. One component polyurethane mainly includes amine ester oil and TDI modified alkyd resin coating. Its curing mechanism is the same as alkyd coating. It is air oxidation crosslinking, and its output is shrinking. In the automotive repair paint market, aliphatic polyurethane/hydroxy acrylic resin two-component coatings are more popular. Bayer n-75hdis biuret is mostly used as its curing agent. Because of its fast drying, fast dust-free and good outdoor durability, it is also used as a building coating. In recent years, crystal floor paint, mainly isocyanate/hydroxy polyether resin or epoxy resin two-component coating, has a good reputation in terms of wear resistance, corrosion resistance and adhesion. Polyurethane elastic coating, which reacted with long-chain prepolymer and MOCA (aromatic amine), has been used as oil tank coating, especially as underground concrete oil tank coating, and achieved good social and economic benefits

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