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Polyurethane building materials: make buildings "shape in spirit"

Sullivan is one of the first skyscrapers in the world to adopt steel frame structure, in which the phrase "function determines appearance" (5) the increase of continuous experimental fixtures or multi-functional fixtures has been talked about by people in the construction industry, that is, the starting point of architects is the function of buildings rather than their appearance. Frank Lloyd Wright, a young and promising architect, once worked in Louis Sullivan's architectural office in Chicago. He had a lot of experience in the selection of building materials. Young Wright understood this as "the integration of form and function", which is often referred to in Chinese architecture as "combining form with God"

up to now, many architects still believe that the shape of a building should not follow the design and aesthetics, but should be determined by the purpose of the building. Until the birth of polyurethane materials, it can help architects combine the aesthetics and functions of buildings. Polyurethane provides solutions in multiple fields, and even fundamentally changes the structural support and fixing methods of buildings

with the development of the times and the diversification of building materials, architects' products should balance structural requirements, energy efficiency, construction costs and the wishes of building users

the influence of polyurethane on the construction industry has become quite extensive, and there is no novelty. It is even impossible to predict what role it can play in architecture. As a building material, polyurethane is flexible, durable and plastic, which is the best material choice in architectural design. Next, the magic power of this popular building material in a rising building will be described in detail

thermal insulation

as we all know, polyurethane used in the outer wall can keep the interior of the building warm in winter and cool in summer. Sprayed polyurethane foam (SPF) is a kind of plastic sealing barrier sprayed on the wall or roof to form an air isolation, which is still effective for corners and uneven wall surfaces. The waterproof performance of polyurethane sprayed foam adds a layer of protection to the building. The biggest feature of SPF is that the system is more stable, insulated, sealed, and moisture-proof after molding. Due to its special properties, it can also be used to fill inaccessible gaps and resist air infiltration. Research shows that it can reduce the energy loss of buildings by 40%

structural support

load bearing polyurethane plate can be used to bear and share the weight of the upper floor. Polyurethane material is strong and can replace the traditional load-bearing wall as the internal support of any building. In addition, polyurethane can also be made into a load-bearing structure with strong decoration and high aesthetics. At the same time, the polyurethane surface is smooth and easy to paint, and will not deform, rot or crack

adhesives, sealants and coatings

the birth of polyurethane adhesives has injected fresh blood into the adhesion industry. As a composite material favored by architects and builders, polyurethane is greatly changing the internal structure of buildings. Polyurethane adhesive can achieve perfect adhesion in parts of different materials, and can meet the adhesion requirements of new materials through preparation. The use of polyurethane paint can improve the aesthetics of the external wall and prolong the service life of the external wall and its accessories, such as pipes, doors, eaves

decorations and fixtures

polyurethane can not only help solve practical problems in buildings and families, but also be used for aesthetic decoration. After surface treatment, polyurethane can imitate the appearance of wood and metal, and the cost is low without maintenance. As a household building material, wood like polyurethane can be molded into eaves, table legs, ceilings, handrails, window frames, shutters, etc. its appearance is smooth and bright, with a high degree of simulation, and it is more waterproof and insect proof than solid wood. In terms of household refinement, polyurethane can also be used to make practical objects such as fireplace, stair arches, stair handrails, railings, niches and lamps

polyurethane is a flexible and durable designable material, which is also a valuable asset for designers and architects. In reality, the polyurethane industry caters to the construction market, carries out extensive cooperation, and continues to make further innovations in energy utilization and load-bearing performance of fixtures, which are very different from foreign and domestic ones

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