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Polyurethane Association: polyurethane products serve building energy conservation

: in 2011, a series of regulatory policies such as "purchase restriction" and "price restriction" have become the theme of the whole real estate market. The industry is crying out for entering the "winter period". Is your industry also impacted by the butterfly effect on the industrial chain

Gan Yongqin: Although a series of regulatory policies such as "purchase restriction" and "price restriction" in 2011 have become the main theme of the whole real estate market, as an enterprise producing building exterior wall insulation materials closely related to the real estate market, the impact is not very obvious; The use of polyurethane insulation board materials is mainly affected by the notice on further clarifying the relevant requirements for fire supervision and management of external insulation materials of civil buildings (gxiao [2011] No. 65) issued by the Ministry of public security on March 14 this year

: among the excellent enterprises that support your industry in doing all the work of the experimental machine better for customers, how much does the market sales share of real estate engineering account for the total sales of enterprises? Have leading enterprises formed a stable strategic partnership with developers

Gan Yongqin: according to what we know, some leading enterprises in this industry have reached more sales contracts with real estate engineering agents, but the specific data are not counted. In 2011, polyurethane material suppliers for building thermal insulation have reached a material supply cooperation relationship with some real estate developers, forming a relatively close cooperation relationship, and the sales volume is gradually expanding

: can you nominate the top 10 enterprises in the engineering market in the industry with the performance of servo electromechanical inversion? A brief comment on these enterprises 20. Test bench return: what are the characteristics of manual speed return to the initial position of the experiment, and their advantages in the engineering market? What are your suggestions and opinions on the cooperation between enterprises and real estate companies

Gan Yongqin: as a neutral Industry Association, we dare not presume to nominate top 10 enterprises with strong performance, and we have not made relevant statistics. Only according to what we usually know, we have the following characteristics:

1) Bayer, Shanghai Dongda, Shanghai FUJIA, Huntsman, Jiangyin AIA, Jiangyin Fusheng and other enterprises, as major raw material manufacturers, have strong strength and good credit, are familiar with the advanced processes and standards in the international market, and can provide various formulas and solutions

2) Shanghai Huafeng PUEN polyurethane, Hebei Langfang Huayu, Nanjing hongbaoli, Shanghai Shundi polyurethane, China Science and technology hechen Seneca and other enterprises are committed to the research of polyurethane insulation boards and systems, which are more in line with the demand trend of the domestic market under the current situation. For example, Huafeng PUEN introduced German technology and used assembly line to produce PIR modified polyurethane insulation products, which has been recognized by the market for its large output and stable quality; Shundi polyurethane company has developed polyurethane energy-saving tile products, filling the domestic gap

3) due to the characteristics of domestic engineering subcontracting, specific external wall insulation engineering construction enterprises are generally small in scale, but they are developing rapidly. For example, Shanghai Yueda Construction Engineering Co., Ltd. and Shanghai Iverson company have many excellent cases in the field of spraying and plate construction

4) in addition, some composite material suppliers also have in-depth research on the modification of product performance and flame retardancy of materials

polyurethane thermal insulation material is one of the thermal insulation and waterproof materials that must be used by real estate developers for building exterior walls. If strategic cooperation is formed with real estate companies, it will enable enterprises to form a stable sales market and quantity, and also enable real estate units to obtain group purchased products at lower prices, which is a win-win partnership. It is hoped that material suppliers can have a direct dialogue with real estate developers, strengthen cooperation, and consider the design and use of polyurethane insulation and waterproof materials within the scope of government policies

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