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Polyurethane and other new chemical material industries are rising.

according to the recently proposed "12th Five Year Plan" draft, by 2015, China's new chemical materials and additives, processing machinery and mold manufacturing will form a system with an output value of 260 billion, and the satisfaction rate of new chemical materials will reach 65%. In terms of polyurethane, the domestic industrial scale of raw materials MDI, TDI and PTMEG will have greater development space, and the market demand for polyurethane building insulation board will increase. It is expected that during the "12th Five Year Plan" period, the industrial structure of polyurethane will be gradually unbalanced, and there will still be a large space for the development of esters and upstream raw materials

as a new material industry, the polyurethane industry has a certain scale from basic raw materials to products and mechanical equipment after recent years' development. In the past decade, although the average annual growth rate of polyurethane in China is twice that of GDP, the per capita consumption of polyurethane in China has not yet reached the world average level. According to the per capita GDP development and polyurethane growth rate, China's polyurethane industry is still in a period of rapid growth. In the future, the development of China's polyurethane industry will be mainly driven by five aspects, namely, the total population, the automotive industry, building energy conservation, the improvement of environmental protection requirements, and the leisure and entertainment industry. Dark black filament yarn is suitable for sporting goods that require both rigidity, high strength, light weight and beauty

as the main domestic polyurethane raw material, hongbaoli announced on October 19 that it plans to issue 17sebs foaming materials in private (the article comes from universal polyurethane). The utilization prospect of 17sebs foaming materials on the foaming wheel is worth looking forward to million shares, and the raised fund is 246million yuan, which is used for the construction of 60000 tons of rigid foam composite polyether project, with an issue base price of 15.11 yuan/share. After the project is completed, the total production capacity of hard foam polyether of hongbaoli company will reach 150000 tons/year

in recent years, MDI downstream industries such as spandex, sizing, sole stock solution, household appliances, etc. have developed rapidly, and the annual demand growth rate is more than 20%. In the case of growing demand and limited capacity expansion, we are optimistic about the long-term development trend of the industry. At present, the capacity of several major domestic MDI manufacturers is: Bayer 350000 tons, Lianheng 240000 tons, Wanhua 500000 tons; BASF's project in Chongqing is still under approval. Before 2013, there was no MDI new capacity launch in the world, so the current industry capacity pressure is very small

the proposal of the draft of the 12th Five Year Plan defines the requirements for accelerating and cultivating the new material industry including polyurethane, modified plastics, silicone, etc., and emphasizes the purpose of improving the development level of high-performance fibers such as aramid and their composites, marking the rise of the chemical industry of new materials such as polyurethane

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