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Hongyan Jieshi helps cold chain logistics to freshen your transportation road

Hongyan Jieshi helps cold chain logistics to freshen your transportation road

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with the economic development, people's living standards are improving year by year, the demand for fresh fruits, vegetables and meat is also increasing year by year, and the cold chain transportation industry has become more and more important

according to relevant data, the waste caused by discarding rotten food in China amounts to 70billion yuan per year, accounting for as much as 20% of the total food production. If converted into fruits and vegetables, about 12million tons of fruits and 130million tons of vegetables are wasted. In addition to a small part of these foods are corrupted due to improper care, the vast majority of them are discarded because they cannot be kept fresh for a long time during transportation

Hongyan Jieshi refrigerated truck

how to reduce loss and waste in the transportation process, as well as improve efficiency and increase profits for enterprises, has become a difficult problem in the current cold chain transportation industry. However, the birth of Hongyan Jieshi refrigerated truck has brought good news to the cold chain transportation industry. Shortly after its listing, its efficiency and reliability have been widely recognized by users, and it is still waiting for experimental recognition

due to the harshness of its goods on transportation time, compared with other transportation industry products, cold chain transportation needs to transform from low-end to high-end, from middle to terminal, and from resource-based to scientific and technological, which puts forward higher requirements for the efficiency and reliability of refrigerated trucks

Hongyan Jieshi refrigerator car

Hongyan Jieshi refrigerator car is matched with the engine of cursor 9, which is synchronized with mature European technology. It has strong power and 350hp horsepower. At the same time, the exclusive EBS Braking Technology (Iveco patented technology) of cursor engine can effectively slow down the vehicle, reduce the wear of brake drums and kickers, reduce the risk of tire burst, and make transportation more efficient under the condition of reducing the use of brakes

the engine of cursor 9 matched with Hongyan Jieshi refrigerator car

the main parts of Jieshi refrigerator car have passed European standards, and have been tested repeatedly on the bench. After leaving the factory, strict actual road tests have been carried out, so that the failure rate of the whole car is lower; The super long service life and oil change cycle of the engine, and the real million kilometers without overhaul, ensure a high attendance rate

cursor engine has been unanimously recognized by users for its good reputation of fuel saving. It adopts Bosch Fuel supply system and imported fuel common rail system consistent with Fiat Europe to effectively reduce fuel consumption; The application of low viscosity engine oil can effectively reduce engine friction and comprehensively improve fuel economy

Hongyan Jieshi refrigerator car

at the same time, the design of Jieshi cab strictly follows the principle of aerodynamics, and the column and slow cooling are to reduce the internal stress of the products, and the structure of the side air deflector is optimized to effectively reduce the air resistance; Through the cooperation of the top deflector, side deflector and rearview mirror, the drag of the trailer can be effectively reduced, the fuel economy can be improved, and the ultimate fuel economy can be achieved to every detail

make every effort to reduce transportation losses and logistics costs for users. The portal structure corresponding to the single arm structure is the principle followed by SAIC Hongyan at the beginning of product development. Hongyan Jieshi refrigerated car has helped the cold chain logistics industry and fully guaranteed the special needs of the cold chain transportation industry

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